Fems turning too early

Hi guys
We have fems that we are growing in a greenhouse, and we are coming into summer and the fems are starting to flower at only 30cm high(7 weeks from germination). Can anyone help us out and tell us why they are flowering

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Are they photo or auto, sounds like auto

My first thought would be what is the light cycle of ur area. Day light versus night time hours. If the days aren’t long enough then early flowering is possible.
You need closer to the 18/6 light cycle to maintain veg state. Closer to a 12/12 cycle will promote flowering.
Hope this helps a bit. :v:

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They could also be showing you that they are sexually mature enough to flower. If its only a few white hairs here and there then it shouldnt be anything to worry about.


Pistils aren’t necessarily indicative of blooming, but they are indicative of sexual maturity.

Also, your outdoor photoperiod might be telling your plants to start bloom.


I’m going to guess the others are correct. Not flowering, just showing maturity.

Hi guys thanks for all your advice, we are thinking that they are not getting enough light, they are photo not autos, we have a few that are supposed to get approx 2.5m high, but they got to around 30cm then white hairs came then they started to bud

If you go to timeanddate.com you can see the exact amount of daylight hours your getting for your area.

Thanks mate I’ll check it out :blush: