Feminizing an S1?

I got a few S1’s off a good plant and was wondering if I could use colloidal silver on one to get some feminized seeds? What would the chances be of getting some unstable seeds?

Hey @BuddyJaguar ,
Perhaps search for some past conversations about this.
Here is a link for “making seeds” but if that is not enough just search different terms like “colloidal silver”

S1 should already be feminized i thought.


It will be but what my question is would it be ok to hit it with the CS to make more seeds…

Yes it will be fine. But the seeds you get from it I would not recommend reversing them for pollen to hit up another one of the same seed.


They should be, an S1 is the result of a female X reversed female.

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Correct or selfed I believe

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Thank you