Feminized yields

How much is everyone yielding off a feminized grow. I’m only reading auto flower but what are people getting off a feminized seed grow.

@trizzle2011 there are too many variables to consider. Yields are based on growing conditions, nutrients, lighting, air flow, humidity, growing medium, and strain/phenotype of plant. I hope this answers your question. I’m sorry it’s probably not what you wanted to hear. Don’t forget to tag someone using the @Covertgrower! Happy growing!


0.5-3 lb per plant outdoor this year…
Some of the cbd strains are small and flufy, biggest yield I got from OG Kush growing at old compost pile…3 lb


Lol don’t ruin my question man!! I’m just trying to get an average. Either way. No matter the weight. I’ll take what I get and then improve. @Covertgrower


He was being honest and informative. Get kick ass lights and run a scrog in a 4x4. You’ll pull a pound plus from a single plant if you do it right.

But most beginners are lucky to get an oz per plant.


@trizzle2011 so, under my growing conditions indoor I would say I averaged about five or take 100 grams wet per plant. Dried that equals to 20g dried. That was my first grow, mediocre lighting conditions, not the best nutrient schedule, and mostly right watering. That was 12 plants, in a 4x4 area.

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I got a little over 5 oz from 3 WW fem, but plants went into flower before I wanted them to due to my 14/10 light schedule… Like everyone is saying, yield is based on environment and light… I’m gonna start my 3rd grow in the new year but I think with each grow I can improve my environment… For me, I will add some more lights and that along with a longer veg period and generally taking care of business should give me more weight @trizzle2011


My last grow yields were 12.3 oz, 8.3 oz dry weight of manicured bud for 2 plants. 1 1/4 pounds.

I’ll get 28 oz from this grow. Hope that helps.


@trizzle2011 let’s phrase it a little different for you, these plants are very capable of 8oz dried. If you don’t get that then look on how to improve your grow. It’s your job to get them there lol


I like your attitude. It pretty much reflects the mindset of learning and mentoring you see here.



Thanks for the input everyone! I’m hoping to gain a lot of knowledge these forums and all of you providing input! Only way to learn in my opionion. Plus failing, a lot of failing haha. I’m a paranoid forecaster that likes to have accurate forecasts for grows.


Just glad I could help! @trizzle2011 you’ll never fail, if you make a help/support ticket with current information when you need one. Saved me from failing once. That’s what this place is all about.

ON the ILGM Seedshop under each seed type that they sell, they give you an estimated harvest.

For example, Blueberry Fems

Under the Sub Title “Flowering TIme”

Blueberry is an autoflowering cannabis plant that takes the average flowering period of 9 weeks if grown indoors. Harvesting can yield you about 18 ounces of usable cannabis per square meters. But, you will need space.

This marijuana strain flourishes best when cultivated in an open-air outdoor setting. The climate needs to be sunny, and the soil must be healthy. Outdoor Blueberry growers can expect to harvest during mid-October, with a yield of about 25 ounces of usable marijuana per plant.

These yields are listed for every strain they sell @trizzle2011

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Hey there @bob31 I am seriously mathematically challenged… Are you able to translate that into sq ft? Thanks either way!


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A meter square is roughly 3 feet by 3 feet or 9 SQ feet.


I grew a Northern Lights plant under 400 watt HPS in a 31" by 31" space. Got 6.3 ounces of dry buds.

0.45 grams / watt

I guess if you do everything right you can get 1 gram / watt. But some people grow these outside for many months in huge cloth pots and get several pounds from each cannabis tree!


if only i could do that in the rocky mountains haha.

If you have safe growing space outside, you could grow some autoflower plants. They have Siberian genes from a ruderalis cross, so they grow very quickly. You start them inside until frost danger is passed and then put them out. They won’t grow trees but they will grow and ILGM has some very nice auto crosses.

i cant don anything outside. But how many autos could i fit in a 2’x4’ space? really wondering if its worth doing all autos over 2 fems for variety’s sake

Imo, you’d be better off running a third phot and just not vegging them as long. Having the control is better than hoping they perform to your needs.

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