Feminized white widow outdoor


I have two 3 months old in 5 gallon pots outdoor. New to this and worried about pruning. Suggestions? My partner says to take off all fan leaves. Also, I’m confused about drying and curing🙁

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To prune or not to prune. Help

I think you need bigger pots for them… Maybe some pictures let as know how you doing.


I wouldn’t take off all the fan leaves they are the nutrient factories for your plant I would only take the leaves off if they are covering a flower they absorb sunlight and feed your plants and when it starts to flower it will suck all the sugars from the leaves to feed buds and they will fall off on their own thinning for air flow is good :v:


I would not prune off all the fan leafs. They are needed to convert sugars for the plant to form its buds. The fan leafs like solar panels and store energy for the plant.
I personally only remove fan leafs that are more than half dead. I usualy just tuck leafs out of the way to expose more bud sites. If your partner insists on removing them I would suggest removing them on one plant and leave them on the other to see the difference. I’ve only ever left them on so I have no comparison bit I know leaving them on works like a charm for me.

As for dryin and curing there are different methods. I personally cut each branch from the main stalk and trim off the big fan leafs and some of the sugar leafs down to the bud and then hang them up for a week or so. Once the smaller stems snap not bend I remove the bids from each stem and manicure the bids and put them in canning jars to cure. I fill the jars about 3/4 full and put the lid on. The first week i open them twice a day for 5 minutes or so depending on how moist they are the lid might need to be left off longer. After the first week monitor them and open the jar once a day depending on how moist they are you might still need to open twice a day. Once the moisture stabilizes in the jars I’ll only open the once or twice a week to exchange some air on the jar.

Here is a good article about curing


Thanks so much. I had a feeling we were overdoing. After a 40+ year absence from smoking there is so much to learn :blush: Back in the day, all we could get were leaves. I’m trying to catch up as now it’s for medical not recreational. NO health insurance so going herbal.


Thanks. I’m an old dog trying to learn new tricks :blush: So I appreciate any and all help.


Plants are at partners home. I’ll try to get pictures tomorrow. Can’t repot this round as the ladies are probably a good 5-6 feet high.


As this is my first time and I’m a thrifty person, what’s the best way to dry and cure the leaves for smoking? Everything I read seems to just relate to buds


So you say that you have plants 5-6 feet tall in 5gl pots?


I’m not sure the correct way to dry and cure leaf. When I did it I just put it in a paper bag and moves the leafs around a few times a day until they are dry. Again not sure if that is the correct way.
I don’t smoke the leafs I make bubble hash with it. I’m also thinking of trying to make some butter or something also.


Yes they are that tall. My partner has a helluva green thumb. Been raising and selling exotic plants for decades.


Definitely I need to see them…



Left is widow right is purple kush😊


Thanks J. I’m going to try ‘stealth’ butter in basement (hubby doesn’t know all my business :blush:)


Nice looking plants👍


I see I see.
I haven’t made any butter yet but s friend of mine does with her trim and it is definitely pretty potent stuff. She uses the butter to make edibles and they always come out fantastic and have a good taste.


Thanks. I’m not going to prune any more


Bought butter and cheesecloth today. I’m ready to give it a try😊


@SmoknGranny Wow they look very happy !
WW is what im thinking for outdoor grow in sunny and hot Florida…

Love looking at the pictures !