Feminized vs, Fertilized?

Hi, I just bought a pack of ‘‘medical seeds’’ brand seeds and was told by the shop that they are going to produce seeds along with the buds. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but now I’m concerned about my three little girls. If they do produce seeds will that take away from the potency? Also, how will I know if they are male seeds or female seeds? The box says ‘‘feminized’’ not ‘‘fertilized’’ and I’m not sure what the difference is.

Hi @djhardcut,

Check out Robert’s Blog article in the guides section on the differences between different seed types.

Sexing Marijuana Plants & Reproduction

Often feminized seeds can create females that will develop some hermaphrodite flowers and can self pollinate.

This can be bad news if too many “hermi” flowers show up and create too many seeds, this will reduce the potency and usable weight of your buds, because if the bud is spending energy on developing a seed, it will spend less time developing the THC rich trichomes, and the fact that seeds weigh a lot and are not smokable, lol.

Keep an eye out for the male staminate pouches and pinch them off as soon as they appear to prevent self pollination. This will help. However, all is not lost if you get a few seeds, as these seeds should produce plants very similar to the parent plant, and who wouldn’t like some free seeds for their next grow?

happy growing,