Feminized strain seed thc quality

Hello people. Can you give me advice? Seed from feminized strain, can it be good thc quality like her mather, thanks for time and advices :+1:

Yes should be just fine. But answer this, did the mom plant hermie? Or did you just find 1 seed? If you just found a seed or 2 they should be good and female. If it hermied then the seeds can carry the hermie trate.


Thanks for info. In every bud i find about min 1 seed. But for next summer i have big plans. About month ago weed had been legalized in our country. So thats why I’m nervous. Mom og kush which now i smoke is one of the good girls i have grown. So what will her doughters do for next season I don’t know. Someone brained me up with this info that from feminized strain seeds have no thcπŸ™

The femenized seeds from ilgm can contain up to 23% thc. Not sure where you got that info but thats a new one. The biggest issue you are going to run into with them seeds are they will be prone to hermie too.