Feminized Seeds with Male pre Flowers?

I am growing four plants from feminized bubblegum seeds. One has what appear to be male preflowers and female flowers. Can ILGM feminized seeds have male flowers?

Please help out this beginner grower! Thank you!!!

Yep, fems can herm no matter where they come from. I’d give it a few more days to see what develops. By your pics I can’t say for sure 1 way or the other

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If you’ve got other fems in there get that one out. Spray the balls with water before you move it. Water will kill the pollen. Try not to bump it too much taking it out. Get it far away unless you want to have seeded bud.

I don’t see any female flowers only males looks straight male not a Hermie

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Thank you all for the insight and help. I really appreciate it.

That plant is coming out right now.

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