Feminized seeds were 50% Male

I have been using ILGM seeds for the past four years with excellent results. I have been growing indoors and outdoors for 16 years.
During my grow last year I had a problem with the LSD feminized seeds, where 4 plants out of 8 turned Male during the flowering stage during an outdoor grow. This seed LSD-FP20 package was BIN:03:10:08, 363660503 There are 12 seeds left in this package, which I am hesitant to plant.
Does anyone know of anything that can switch the sex of a growing plant? I am at a loss to explain this situation, unless the seeds were not feminized.


I don’t think they switch, I think theyre born male. The only turn is when they hermaphrodite. Which indicates an accident in packaging or you got the unlucky 5% or whatever it is.
I hope somebody checks my thinking and censors me if I’m wrong…


Or pollinated by others surrounding.


Unfortunately things happen, our reactions are what ultimately determine if it’s going to be detrimental or beneficial, sounds like you’re handling the situation well and with your experience likely didn’t suffer adverse effects. Hopefully you pulled them early enough if they were true male plants, hermaphroditism is a different animal.

I don’t know what the protocol is for the seeds through ILGM but my understanding is that they’re fantastic when it comes to issues like this.
I think I’d just run the remainder of the seeds like they were regular seeds, watching for male and female reproduction parts. It’s crappy cuz they were feminized seeds, but I’d be happy I had a learning experience built into the crop.
Contact customer support. I’m sure they’ll square it up.


Yes Stress can cause one to change sex. Outside the culprit is usually over fertilization or crap people spray on cannibis for bugs, underwatering, over watering, or little to no nutes. If it was one I would say bad seed but being you had several I’m thinking stress induced.

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I always read about the same few strains doing this.
Zkittles, LSD, GG and Bruce banner and a few others I can’t think of off the top of my head. As far as I’m concerned this is par for course with these strains. Not saying always but it’s common enough


How about some pictures to see if it’s a true male or an hermaphrodite?


wasn’t in reference to herms, but could account for a few males where they don’t belong.

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Only seeds I’ve had trouble with in past twenty years were from here. Unfortunately they germinated and that’s all that is guaranteed. Not sure what to think

Interesting that you mentioned spraying as a possible cause of changing sex. I typically spray every two weeks with essential oils and/or Neem oil as the best way to control pests. If I fail to spray regularly, mites and other bugs start to invade the crop.
One of the outdoor plants changed sex almost overnight. I examine the plants every few days so I keep an eye on their progress and their sex. I had one 5 foot tall LSD plant, almost ready to flower and looking like a female in all respects, change right after I sprayed it with 50% essential oils (PureAg) and 50% Neem at normal strength. I remember that this plant looked completely female, then two days after I sprayed it, it has male flowers starting on all branches … but no pollen had developed yet, so It was just a loss of the one plant. No other plant has ever changed sex like that in my 16+ years experience.
All my plants have electronically controlled watering and are feed weekly with natural fertilizer, as I have been doing for the past 6 years.
Thanks for the tip.

The reason is many of these sprays change the PH, then gobs of PH up are used to correct it, stress on top of stress.

Only spray when the sun is down.

Read the ingredients things like alcohol, citric acid, baking soda, soybean oil all affect the pH.