Feminized mix packs


I saw that there were other topics regarding this but that was a year and half ago and I would like a clarification now. I just searched thru the mix packs available and only one that i saw said anything about fem strain. Reading thru the forum from back when they said that all the seeds are feminized. I find this hard to believe after the hours i have spent looking thru the strains available. What I saw was definitely labeled auto, fem, and ones that had neither of those two descriptions. I am taking it as logic that those that have neither fem or auto are regular seeds. That being the case, I don’t see but one or two mix packs that have any fem in them and that is just one item in group (white widow fem, white widow auto, and white something else. This is not something that is a big deal to me, but I would like to get a mix pack so that i have some variety in my 4 plant grow room instead of having all one variety. But I will only grow fem seeds as space is a premium in my situation.


Okay, i just looked thru the “all seeds” category and the regular seeds are labeled as regular seeds. So, I would like verification on the seedpacks. Are all seed packs fem seeds unless otherwise documented?


I don’t believe they have any regular seeds tossed into the mix packs. Do you have a specific pack you’re looking at? I can try to verify they are feminized.


thanks a bunch @dbrn32. the premium mixpack, the dea mixpack, and the platinum mixpack.


Just had a look at the dea mix pack and it says it’s feminised , says it straight away when u open it up under the big banner up top :+1:t4:


All 3 of those include only feminized strains.


:+1:t4: Always going one step further to help out . Top bloke right there .


You did notice that 2 of the packs you chose have Gold Leaf. Maybe you might consider switching one to the Blue mix pack. I suggest this because it gives you a morning, noon & night strain in this pack.


ah ha @dbrn32 and others. i see what i did wrong. I was going “in-depth” on the seeds but when i went to the mixpacks i just looked at cover photo. i see when i go in they give more info. it has been a “homer simpson” kind of day for me today LOL. i should prolly just go to bed :blush:


We all have them, no problem at all.


that is why i picked those two for gold leaf especially, was not going to get both @Budbrother. i was figuring i was just going to get 5 or ten seeds at a time to build up my pantry of seeds but it would def be easier to do three varieties at a time.


@Kiwiknight yes he is. i just read thru a forum in which a guy said something along the lines of “and i don’t care about your highfalutin education and equations”. ( not a direct quote but a paraphrase). dbrn32 was the coolest guy in the forum and eventually you see an apology from the guy who said it. But @dbrn32 has been one of my favorite people on here since i started ten days ago. a very good person to have and ILGM should be very proud of his work here.


Agree, he has helped me heaps also :+1: