Feminized LSD FROM ILGM APPEARS TO BE THE Start of male parts day 73 of flower

This is Lsd by ILGM ORDER#503400 DAY 72-73 days into flower. Looks like male parts starting to form…please help

@BetrayedSoul @peachfuzz @ReconBravo @CoyoteCody @Covertgrower @Vance420 @shindig153 @Kilgoretrout @DankBank22 yall like my photos in let’s see your buds… so I figured yall could help me out… I cut the affected flower off… didnt see any others. But I havent really had the chance chasing kids around the house… I’m so close to harvest…


I dont know if that is what that is, but its definitely out of place. I would look really good all over her and see if there are more anywhere, if there are just cut or pinch them out of the flowers and hopefully you can catch them all before they open, buds are looking fire though!


Thank u. Trying to allow a lil more amber … we have a lil … I want to make sure were cloudy for sure!.. I’ll see what this thread produces. And make my decision before lights come back on…
I’ll flip breaker on her!! For 36-48 hrs. Then wack her from her stool before she ever see’s light again…

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She’s definitely ready. It’s unfortunate that it the genetics aren’t stable enough to be female all
the way through the grow. This is another reason I prefer regular seeds. Which are getting harder to order from distributors.


The bud I chopped in the photo… that sphere thing is ontop of the bud.

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I pay attention to my ladys daily. Looking for pest and what not I seen this with my naked eye. Then grabbed glass…

@Covertgrower I have something special when it comes to regular seeds… anyway I could get them to u??

IG is probably the best way. Forum rules dictate no personal information is exchanged through here. :wink:

Right I know that … I wish there were some kind of forwarding system…
Is there??

IG @Covertgrower whats this??

Have you seen any nanners?

Insta Gram

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It looks like a lone seed…
Didn’t see any nanners… :+1::wink:

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I’ve heard of self pollination without throwing nanners but never really seen it before. Buds look :fire: though man

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Not a seed… too small…
Anyhow… I decided to end it for her high life… So mine can begain… I defoliated it… and am getting ready to jerk lights out here in a few… for at least 36hrs… of darkness…

I ment to publish this post yesterday… but here it is… and in the dark


Congrats on your upcoming harvest! Buds look :fire: The trim will give you a chance also to look the buds over good.

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