Feminized High CBD Cannabis Seeds

Is this an appropriate place to find feminized hemp seeds?
Desperately looking for a reasonably priced legal seed bank that can supply 5000. Please help :pray:


You need 50 max. To do a large scale grow you want to use clones.

If your parents had 5000 children, how many would be suitable to let’s say be professional football players?

1/2? 1/4? 10 of them?

5000 individual phenotypes would be a nightmare to grow.


How big of a greenhouse would one need to start 5000 clones? 1500 sqft? How big of a greenhouse would I need for the mothers? How many mothers would I need to produce that? How long would those mothers need to be growing to produce that amount of clones?

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I’ve seen a bunch of large operation growers growing cbd from seed in various states. I just assumed as long as you feminize your own seeds you can keep costs low and not have to upkeep mothers year round in an indoor/greenhouse facility?

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Clones and seed plants take the same amount of room.

The added time of clones vs seeds would be approx 1 month.

Seed plants have an awkward young period which clones don’t.

If you are growing 5000 plants, you want the majority of them to be uniform in size, quality, and life cycle. Knowing when to harvest 500 clones from the same mother means you only need to monitor 1 plant.

Knowing when to harvest 500 from seed means you need to check the trichomes on every single plant of the 500.

Let’s tag in some others so they can weight in.

@Big123 @Myfriendis410 @merlin44 @Killadruid you guys have any input on the above?


1500 sq ft is no where near big enough for 5000 plants. Even if you figure a square foot per plant you would need well 5,000 sq ft. Also, an ideal way to handle it would be as a perpetual grow.

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Upkeep on mother plants is minimal at most. I keep 5 Mother’s and it’s pretty much zero work.

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Nerys true @AAA

1500 sq feet u need a 2x2 area for them to grow

The most plants u could have is 375 unless ur doing a sog then I would say 750

Dude I would love to see a 750 plant scrog going on lol oh my!!!


? It wouldn’t be 5000 plants indoor it would be 5,000 seedlings/clones which take up a lot less space. 5000 plants indoor would be a massive indoor operation. I just need to start 5000 in a greenhouse/indoor facility before planting them in our field.
Here is a pic to give you an idea.

When do I start growing the mothers? We have rough winters where I’m at so it’s extremely expensive to keep it running through the winter. Approximately how many mothers would it take start 5000 clones? How big would those mothers be? I might as well just go buy a cloning kit and start learning lol

50 mothers at least. If you are trying to get 5000 clones outdoors before winter. That might be tough.

You would buy the seeds(let’s say 50). Grow them out and start culling before first transplant. End game would be let’s say 10 plants if Feminized, 20 if regular.

F’imming, topping, or training as you go(create the most clone sites as possible).

Then once you have decided on final 10 you should have bushes.

First wave would be 10-20 clones per plant.

Make those into mothers. Now you have 10 seed plants with 10-20 minimum clone mothers.

You can get your 5000 from these clones.

Keep in mind, these clones are as mature as the seed plant they came from. Meaning, ready to bud when you are.

You need to start learning to clone yesterday. Cloning is the only commercially viable technique to ensure consistent quality product.


So say I start 100 clones from one of my mothers how long does it take them to root and able to take clones from them?

With a cloning machine, about 7 days for them to have roots. 10-14 to be ready to plant.


Yeah 5000 go big or go home! I admire your enthusiasm . I’ve been thinking about 1 acre of hemp just to try it out. But then after the buzz wore down I figured I’d try 100 hemp plants the liscences here will cost me 100 bucks . I can grow some decent outdoor weed and running a 8 small trees give me a workout with drought insects and anything else we run into .

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Looking into it I can start 5,000 clones on 9 racks (6 shelf’s per rack, 100 clones per shelf)
6sqft per rack isn’t that much space at all!
That actually seems a lot more doable than what I was thinking. Also it seems clones don’t need as much light either which is nice to keep costs down.
I’m technically doing 4660 plants but I’ll go for 5000 and take out the worst ones.

So does anyone know where I can find 100 feminized high cbd cannabis seeds? At a reasonable price? :joy:

I would buy from ilovegrowingmarijuana.com.

But that’s just me I guess.

Tell em Jbum sent ya :sunglasses: