Feminized auto is growing some male flowers

So I just noticed one of my super skunk autos frow ILGM is growing a few male flowers. I wouldn’t mind pollinating it’s self in a separate grow space to get some feminized seeds. I feel like my grow environment is pretty good and these male flowers aren’t caused by stress. What chances do you think the seeds produced would be feminized? Or would they be hermaphodite seeds? I took a pic of some of the male flowers and another pic of the female flowers. All of the male flowers are closest to the entrance to my grow tent so maybe opening the door stressed that part of the plant?

Any chance of a small light somewhere near that spot? From a heater, power cord, etc? Or a light leak?

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I didn’t think autos got stressed from light leaks but no light leaks or heaters by it.

I don’t know if they do or not, to be honest. It was just a thought. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, ha, kind of sucks seeing those male flowers but at least I have the space to separate it.

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Just moved my plant to the other area and my one grow light. Not liking how it looks, too dark. Just going to keep my original grow space as is and cut those male flowers off.


Do that and you should be safe… If one sack is open you get everything pollinate so is better to cut it off… Give her a very good search for those male flowers

I searched the whole plant and found about 8 male flowers, 1 looked to be open. Hopefully it didn’t pollinate much of anything.

You still want total darkness when lights are out
Imo but I only recently started growing autos so im not a expert on them
Let me tag @Donaldj and @Hogmaster into this thread @D-Tron

I thought a lot of people liked to grow their autos on 14/10 and then once they flower maybe go down to 12/12 - 14/10 seems to be the economical choice?

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@Bogleg I actually start mine under 16/8 schedule then switch to 12/12 at first sign of flowering
Ive even tried starting them in 12/12
Imo you still want longer light in veg
The ones i started and finished under 12/12 grew and flowered but had weak stems I attribute that to lower light cycles in veg stage although its a reactivity short veg time maybe 30 days from seed in most cases


you have it covered and yes lots of lighting disruption may confuse even an auto

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I have done my autos 18/6 14/10 12/12 all the way start to finish and have liked 12/12-14/10 best


Interesting. I have mine in 18-6, doing a perpetual grow so just going to keep the lighting the same. I would be better with more dark time?

If you’re doing a perpetual grow, just play with the light cycle each grow and compare your overall results and see what works best :+1:


About lighting–has anybody you kknow used 24 hour lighting from beginning to end

As a first time grower I was pleased with my 5 White widow fem auto, but I seem to have a lot of seeds( Male Plants?)
Why is that ? And can the seeds be used. I have a lot of buds but the stuff is not very strong even without the seeds in it

@cyndot did you grow them indoors or outdoors
Reason i ask outdoors if theres another grower or even your on plants that was a male it can pollinate your females and pollen travels miles outdoors
High Stress at the weong time during the grow can also cause them to self pollinate and seed
I just finished up a run of wwa and i have some tasty smoke

Did you dry and cure it properly? The flavor and potency comes with the curing fyi
You can smoke it after its dry but in most cases it has not reached its peak potential until after the cure