Feminize or Autoflowering

Message : I’ve been studying about the Grand Daddy Purple strain and how it can be grown outdoor but yet Indoors. In a 3x3 tent. I have a 4x4 tent my question is I can purchase the fememised seed instead of autoflowering and if I pull it over some,etc I can grow just one plant instead of several autos seeing Grand Daddy Purple does not grow as tall as some plants

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Absolutely you can grow feminized indoors. That is all I grow.

With photo period plants, you have control over the size of the plant and the shape of the plant. A lot less control (but some) for autos.

You will use topping, femming and LSTing to train your plants to the shape and size that you desire.

I hope this answered your question.

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Welcome to the community two feminized Grand Daddy Purple with a little training would be perfect for your 4x4 tent.

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The guy above is correct. I grow in a 20 inch by 20 inch By 48 tent. I dont get taller than 2.5 ft. I just LST my main stem around the edge of my pot and defoliate some. Right now i have a white widow photo that vegged for 8 weeks. It fills the tent side to side but no were near the top. I like a micro grow. Its very stealthy.


I’m a new Grower . I currently have 4 GDP’S I was able to use LST to get the exact shape and size I would need. I’m currently in week 4 of Flower