Feminization Questions


I am determined to get some Pennywise going, but the prices are somewhat dear, considering they are regular seeds. Thus, my plan, which may be a bit grandiose considering my current experience level is just some autoflowers, but that’s never stopped me before.
I plan to sprout the seeds which should be arriving soon, and will hopefully be able to sex the plants at 5-6 weeks in veg. I’ll then have to clone any females I get, and hopefully will get the pheno I want. I plan on using the clone mother to obtain female pollen using colloidal silver. Already have a generator I’ve used in the past for some nasty wounds. The pollen donor will probably go in the garage, as I don’t want to contaminate my tent or the adjacent room.
I realize that it would probably be better to pollinate a female OTHER than one from the clone mother, assuming I get more than one female from my seeds, but that may not be an option.
If I only get one female line from my seeds, would there be any problem with letting the clone mother pollinate herself versus one of her clones? (it’d save me a step). Would this lead to possible hermie problems, considering the hermie condition was induced in the clone mother chemically?
How long could I expect dried, frozen pollen to remain viable?
I’d love to have some feminized seeds of this strain, but as far as I can tell, I’ll have to make my own.
I’m hoping someone will pick this apart and tell me where my thinking is flawed.


I have used colidol silver on 2 lower branches and took that pollen and put it on the top branches of the same plant. I got all female seeds it worked for me. I have only done that 3 time’s I’m not a expert or anything. I’m just trying to get my feet wet with breeding. I have not had a hermaphrodite issue yet either. I believe that there is a breeding section here somewhere might be under the fux category. Hop this helps a good book that i am reading called marijuana botany has some good information too


Take a clone of the clone and use that to produce your pollen, use that pollen to pollinate the female clone(mother).Your resulting seeds will have all the traits of the mother and be feminised .The plant sprayed with colloidal silver should be discarded and not consumed.I like to use pollen fresh and cant comment on its shelf life. Welcome to the wonderful world of breeding your own seeds.


Reading this makes sense but hurts my head lmao. So many topics to learn and understand :smiley: I love it.


Sorry man didnt mean to mess with your head.lol. Label everything and keep records.


Already doing it and it helps tremendously. This forum more than anything is priceless.




I’m dying laughing. Thank you :joy:


Where do you get col. silver?


Sorry for the late reply vancouver, I have been away on holidays. I believe it can be purchased from pharmacies and drug stores as it can be used as a health tonic. You can also make your own using pieces of pure silver suspended in a glass of water and adding a positive charge to 1 coin and a negative charge to the other. Have a look on youtube and search for colloidal silver, there are many good instructional vids for you to check out.


I bought mine off of Amazon