Feminixed seeds?

Does the term :‘feminized seeds’ mean that those seeds will only produce female sinsemilla plants?

Is that possible without genetic intervention?

My impression is that feminized seeds will simply have a greater chance of producing female plants.

They should produce only females unless at some point they get stressed and Hermie. They are chemically treated.

Yes they have a process where they can manipulate the genetics to be all female so you should not get a male plant from feminized seeds, unless they get stressed and hermie

so, the only way to keep growing them is to clone them right?

Otherwise I’ll have to get the non-feminized seeds and go through the process of sexing them which is a pain but it will give me the option of keeping more seeds should I chose to let the pollination happen.

Am I understanding correctly?

There’s a few different methods out there to produce feminized seeds from a female plant. One method uses colloidal silver. The topic is interesting and I’d like to try it myself once I get more experienced.

Yes, you clone them. You can keep a mother plant going to take clones, practically indefinitely, as long as the mother plant gets at least 18/6 lighting the entire time. I don’t have space for a mother plant so I grow from seed. It should be noted that some mother plants experience what’s called 'genetic drift '. This is where plant characteristics change over time, unfortunately usually on the negative side of things – decreased potency, vigor, and a combination of other factors, leading to lesser quality in general.

I have been reading about the Colloidal Silver method, it sounds like a great way to keep your feminized seeds stock.

Could you take clones off the plant just after (or during) harvesting?, I mean as you harvest your plant you take a cut and clone it. Why keeping an aging mother when you have fresh/young plants.