Feminised seeds and how to grow them


I ordered chronic widow feminised seeds. I thought I was ordering autoflwers… so I was wondering if anyone can help me grow these fem seeds again I’m new and scared of ruining these plants any advice would be great I have a 4x4 grow Ace tent with 600 watt hps.


Oh boy have U found the right place! Welcome and yes u will have the best of the best helping u.


Your good @Adam1981
Germination is the same as with autos
They place beans in solo cups qith drain holes untill they have 4-5 sets of leaves then transplant to larger pot 5 gallon pots are perfect for photo seeds
You’ll actually get a bigger harvest from the photos feminized seeds then autos so woohoo


Have you grown before @Adam1981


No country boy I’ve never grown before I have the grow Ace 4x4 600watt hps . Complete kit farmfox soil. I’m so scared of screwing up this chronic widow… How many should I put in my tent since they will be bigger. Light hours? Watering .? I’m just worried . I thought I ordered autos.


Thanks just growing. I need help I found how to grow autos but not fem so I’m a little nervous of ruining this chronic widow


Fem just means it’s guaranteed to b female. U grow it like any auto except your light schedule REALLY matters


Is it an auto or photo? Guessing Bc it says fem it’s a photo?


I would personally do two or three in that size tent
As far as light schedules go with 24-7 fir germination once seeds pop and get started 3-5 days switch to 18-6 for veg usually another 4 weeks then switch to 12-12 for flowering
We will help guide you to a successful harvest
What tyoe of nutrients will you be using and what tyoe of fox farm soil are you using ?
Do you own ph and tds meters ? Youll need both in the future
Ph your water and soil to 6.3 - 6.8
Always ph after adding nutrients since they tend to drop ph low
What tyoe of water you using
Well , city
Filtered , unfiltered
Tyoe of filter R/o or media
or distilled


What does it say on your seed order
Are you sure they arent autos ?


I don’t think he has ever grown before. All the abbreviations might go right on by. We tend to talk as if everyone u derstands what a tds meter or even what veg is. Lol. I know I would b lost and overwhelmed if I didn’t know what all that was. Just a thought


My grow tent is from grow Ace it’s a 4x4 tent with 6oo watt hps. I’m a beginner yes but I can understand some stuff… I should have all my meters needed I’m waiting on my tent to show up today but it was the full soil kit of farm fox so I’m guessing the nutes are farm fox won’t know till tent arrives.


Thats why i asked what the bag of seeds had marked on them @Justgrowin
@Adam1981 can you tell me exactly what the seeds sticker had on it so i can confirm you have feminized photo seeds
Any questions just ask them all questions are good questions

I used to use two tents same size you can fit 4 plants but it will be tight
Two plants would be best but up to four will fit
They will fill your tent fir sure if photos

Heres a couple links that may help you out if anything they will give you some knowledge


Welcome to the forum! John will square you away; he knows his stuff.

You actually did good IMO to get photo period over auto. You have more control with the photos and can grow them as short or tall as your environment dictates plus you can do all kinds of training techniques that simply aren’t done with autos.

When you get ready to drop seeds, flag some of us and we’ll walk you through the process. It all sounds intimidating now but you will find it’s pretty zen after a while. You did good on the tent and lights and soil so you are off on the right foot. You can tag anyone you want to get their attention by adding the @ sign ahead of their handle like this: @Countryboyjvd1971


@Myfriendis410 thanks bro
Your a big help as well and im sure will add plenty of good advice along the way


Ok my seeds are feminised they are chronic white widow I’m gonna grow two in my tent… I read my seed packet . They are fem chronic white widow.fem. Soo thanks for the help everyone tips and tricks appreciated . How do I post pics here? I’ll send a pic of my pack of seeeds


Best not to post label the office frowns upon that
Are you on a mobile device or desk top
If from mobile lower right theres a upload button on desk top it up top on tool bar


I’m going to have a seat over here in the corner. I’m not an indoor guy, but I’ll offer any help I can when I’m able to do so.

Welcome home…


I had a typo… my seed s say .ilg-chw-fp5. they are chronic widow not chronic white widow.


Feminized photo 5 pack
So definitely not autos @Adam1981
I perfer the photos actually
And since its your first grow if you have a issue during veg stage you can recover from it
With autos you have very Little control over them