Feminine WW autoflower (Outdoor grow) SW Georgia USA

Seed from ILGM. Grown in Pot for Pot 2 gal pot. Germinate 9/11. Pic is 10 weeks old. This is my second plant. First one through the summer. Results seemed to be fine, but still not sure if I let it grow to long.

  1. I want to start another in the same situation. Temps are between 70-50, but have had a few 60-40 days, and a couple of 30 degree nights, and have brought plant into an outdoor shed overnite twice when frost possible. Daylight is right at 10 hours, but will get a little shorter as we get closer to equinox. May get some freezes also. So, any opinion? Indoor grow impossible. Wait a couple of months?

  2. Any opinion on the pics. Again, WW autoflower. ILGM seed, pot for pot, 10 weeks old.


Looking good

Frost will kill it. Don’t start another one unless it’s getting spring where you live.
Your plants 2 months from finish so good luck keeping it alive if it’s hurt going to get colder.

Thank you. Did you mean 2 months? It’s 10 weeks in and it is an autoflower.

At best you’re looking at 4-6 weeks, maybe more. Do not go strictly on the timing given by websites. Those are for perfect growing conditions which many cannot replicate at home. Additionally, time is given for flowering period only. You are probably 10 weeks from seed popping? If that is the case, you have more like 10 weeks which puts you as @Nicky said about 2 months.

Looks good. Keep nurturing.