Femined seeds vs regular seeds

what’re pro and con between feminized and regular seeds?

Thank you

Femanized are guaranteed to be female and produce flowers. Regular may or may not be female and may or may not produce.

The nice thing about fem is no males however, if you want to have a genetic cross with another strain, you must have males to produce the pollen that makes the seeds. The males do not produce smokable weed but can give you some really nice results when you cross strains, producing seeds.
For starting out, Fem is the way to go for me. It stays relatively short for its species, but remember that a tall plant is a tall plant. Some of the Auto’s are not that short. You also have the added luxury of not having to identify the males from the females (occasional Hermes do happen) at all. A great break for the beginner.
I am not sure if it is true, but it seems that the regular has a better THC content than the Fem or AUTO’s. That may not be true but it seems like it is according to my observations.
Hope this helps you. Have a good grow with Great buds.


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