Female with seeds?

I’ve tried searching here and google but not sure why i can’t seem to find the answer as I’m sure it’s easily available.

Recently I found seeds on my female plant that’s been in flowering for 7 weeks now. I can’t see to see any forming inside the buds. However they are at the edges. I’m thinking it’s possibly from stress and turning to a Hermie? But buds look clean so far. We had a storm and a tree ripped my power line off my house. So she had no lights or air for two days as she’s growing in dwc roots and rest of plant are good.

I’ve attached a picture showing where the seeds are. The picture is one of the small buds as the larger ones don’t seem to have them by them.

Those don’t look like seeds, though they could be pollen sacs. They appear to have hairs protruding, which would indicate fem parts. A pic taken under natural light will be helpful.

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Swollen calayx’s with pistils


If you do get a seed from it plant it, no ones loss

That looks like a seed to me. Can’t say for certain.

There are five possible explanations I can think of:

  • The was a male that you culled earlier but not before it released pollen.
  • You sprayed the plant to induce male flowers
  • One of your female plants expressed hermaphroditism due to genetics and/or stress.
  • Pollen entered from outside this grow space, either through the air or on your clothing.
  • Apomixis occurred without any pollen at all.

I’m going to assume you didn’t accidentally apply a foliar spray of colloidal silver or STS. You would know if you removed a male. The others are harder to verify. Staminate flowers and calyxes are hard to differentiate, so it’s forgivable if you missed one or two on an otherwise female plant.

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Well shit I think my chem dawgs gonna have a girl too then

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Natural light. But definitely seeds. This is my first time growing. Keystone, you are correct I did remove a male plant that I thought I caught quick enough. But again first time growing so tons of notes and learning a lot.

Unfortunately I started with the 4 free seeds and then some thst I purchased. In the free ones is what had the male. But it’s still great learning process.

I appreciate your help.


I do not think seeds my friend!

I had this exact same thing so it prompted me to freak out and ask questions .

@blackthumbbetty helped me to determine they where calyx and the plant is fine .

What do ya think blackthumbbetty?

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Agreed I don’t think it’s seeds either

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I’m thinking swollen calyx.


Swollen Calyxes, most likely.


Not sure if it helps or not. I had these on my Northern lights. Turned out to be swollen calyx and not seeds. No idea if this is what you have but it’s good to compare :sunglasses:

Appreciate all responses. I did open a few and they are seeds. It is just on the areas that were near the male.

It does seem like the top main buds and one side of the plant is ok. If that seems possible.


If they are seeds and the dope is good, consider youself lucky there was a man around! Ive smoked seeded weed that was pretty darn good! Plus you dont need to buy seeds! Win win!

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