Female pollin and fem beans

So I have two plants outside separated from my Sensi crops, i sprayed one with colloidal silver (t mist) and got ton of pollin sacs. The other girls starting to get farther ahead then I wanted tho and I’m trying to pollinate her asap to make sure I get as many fem beans as possible.
But so far even tho a bunch of the pollin sacs have gotten fat and have liquid inside, none have yet rippened enough to pop out as powder. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be powdery or what that’s just kinda like what I took from pictures of the pollen sacs. But…
Im trying to force pollinate myself I saw that it’s still only liquid polin I can get out of the pollin sacs… so first I’m wondering if anyone knows if the liquid pollin is still ready enough to pollinate the plants, or does it need to wait until it’s powdery and naturally open on their own?

And if anyone has any useful info for me on this please lmk. First time using t mist for fem seeds

Also will the one I sprayed with tmist ever produce buds, cus it’s on week 9, it’s auto white widow and still only seems to be focusing on producing pollin.

Pollen from the male flowers looks like fine powder when it comes out of the sacks.

Got cut off there but I was also tying to ask if it will ever produce buds too, cus it’s auto n on week 9 but has only been focusing on pollin

Ya so that doesn’t really answer my ? At all…

So one more time, does the pollin work if it is still liquid when u try to pollinate? Or does it need to be dried like powder to work?

Pollen has to be DRY POWDER. That simple.
When the pollen pod is ready…it will pop open and a very fine yellow powder will spill out.
BTW…if the pollen spills into the wind and your other Ladies have pistils…you will get a bunch of fine healthy seeds. No kidding! One pollen pod will seed a whole crop if the wind is right.

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Wrd good to kno thanks. So I guess I have to wait a little bit longer

Dry pollen and wait till it opens on its own.
Do not smoke anything you sprayed with colloidal silver.