Female plant starting smaller plants

I have started a new grow in hydroponics. I have a autoflower feminized grand daddy purple plant that has 2 other plants starting in the same clay pebbles. I looked over the plant and all nodes look female. I have 4 other plants in same tent all female. All only a few weeks old. Tent was fully cleaned out. Clay pebbles are new and rinsed out. 1 seed per bucket was planted. What’s germinating this plant? Seeds are from this site.

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Cannabis is not a self-propagating plant. There had to be seeds present that germinated - perhaps from a previous grow or maybe you got a bonus from whoever you bought the clay pebbles from.

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Thanks for the reply. I had issues with granddaddy autos last grow turning to herm and pollinating all my plants.

Got it. Good chance then that you have yourself an unintended granddaddy auto from your hermie.

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Welcome! You got a bonus plant. Now what to do with it. :thinking:
Good luck with your grow

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