Female percentage


Hi all, this will be my first grow so please forgive any stupid questions please. I purchased Blueberry, and Bubble gum. Both are autos. My question is, what are my changes of getting male plants? I know I should have started with fem. seeds first but I didn’t. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Green Leaf. Sorry for the spelling its supossed to read chances not changes.


welcome to the forum @Greenleaf If I’m not mistaken all autos are fem. So with that, Id say your chances are 100 %
I know @Countryboyjvd1971 is awake maybe he can verify this.


Thanks Sasquatch.


Yes sir im awake lol
Autos are all feminized as @Sasquatch mentioned
So with the autos there is zero percent chance of getting a male
You can hermi them if you stress them out to much at the wrong time and get seeds but no males


Thank you too Country boy. Hey, what type of magnifying apareatus do you guys use to check and see the condition of the tricombs?.


I just use my camera a zoom in close… works for me


O.k. but I don’t have a camera at this point, so I was wondering what type of , or strength of magnification I should buy.


I have a couple of pocket scopes and my trusted jewlers loop lol
I tried the camera the hook up to phine and computer but couldn’t get then to stay still long enough to get a good view
Min 20x but 100x is better


O.k. Got it. Thanks Country boy.


I usually use the 20x jewelers loop to get a over all view and use my 100x to get a good close view i start watching tricombes when the pistols are 70 % brown or there abouts


That’s the info. I’m looking for. Thanks very much.:grinning:


Then why didn’t you just ask lmfao
Theres no stupid questions here fyi So ask all you want to know and the staff and ither members will so our bestvto answer them @Greenleaf :v:️Happy growing CB


took these with my phone


How do you get you phone to focus that close
I have a iPhone 6


I zoom the camera about half way in then adjust distance to get the best picture. Usually end up about 10 12 inches out. When I pull the picture up on my camera I can then zoom in on the picture. do a screen shot and there ya go. I have a LG V10 its got a good camera in it.


Yeah 10-4
I actually have a nice 35 mm cannon with blue tooth capability i should just use that to take pictures lmfao it just dawned on me @Sasquatch hahaha😉


your I phone should do it easily. They got good cameras in them


but yea blue tooth to your phone? cool lol


Yeah incan seem to get it to take a clear close up
Ill try what younso later when i get home from work
I can get decent pictures but any closer that this it gets blurry


use the zoom. its easier to get closer from further out. there is a sweet spot where distance from and how much zoom get you down in there.