Female gorillas

GG4 ladies showing the sativa side of life​:v::sunglasses:


Looking great gorilla glue is a great strain keep up the good work

Very nice.

awesome grow of an awesome strain! great work @dynamo

Thanks Bige…strain is everything you could hope for…They will tell you what they want loud and clear…
Gonna grow another one of these. Try a different feeding last 4 weeks and see how they respond…will update…:v::sunglasses:


i’ve growwn gg4 several times…it’s some great stuff. and fun to grow

That’s what i’m growing wright now in … Will’s Journal Into The Unknown

New to the site for postings and such…been a customer for years…please advise how to find your journal



Excellent , Fine job ! :+1:

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I have noticed that most photo grows go more than 8 weeks for amber to show up, some have to go 9 or 10 weeks of flower to get that right time to harvest. If you start flushing too early some sugar leaves begin to deteriorate. Your soil don’t need much nutrients and you don’t have to flush 2 weeks at the end ? I was just wondering how that works out for you at the end near harvest.

I have tried the flush routine using 3 to 1 as my formula…then again I have used only water for the full two before harvest…I really can’t tell a difference in taste or burn…the flushing technique using 3 x pot size is a waste of time and water in my experience…keep in mind I use low dosage of organic nutes and sparingly…happy with less volume. better quality taste and burn is the goal for my circle…