Female going hemmii


I’ve got a plant that’s going into flower but on one of the branches its growing make flowers balls lol! And because she’s a nice lil girl i didn’t ripp her out i cut the branch that had the male balls on it off!!! My question is will the rest of the plant do the same am i wasting my time???


More then likely… yes… :wink:
Sounds to be more male then female… :wink:
6 weeks into flower and starting to see nanners , you can still finish things out with good results. … :wink:
Just starting flower and all of this… no good… sounds like a male… need pics… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


@Caosred you don’t say if it’s your only plant right now. If so, I’d work with it and pick the males off. Seeded marijuana isn’t the end of the world.

On the other hand of the are others it might pollinate, I’d strongly consider pulling it.

Sometimes they only throw a few and can be managed.


Maybe a picture of what you saw if you see them again… Before you cut them off. If they were pollen sacs then most likely if you have a male. What plants are you growing? Give us some more info so we can provide more insight. @Caosred


Your not listening it’s female I’ve grown shit loads of weed i no tge deference but one branch had male on it tge rest female


Cheers mate at least you gave me a answer i know the difference between make and female lol yanks


Like i said in my 1st post I’ve already chopped the brach that had male sacks on it off its gone ok and here’s pics of her without any male sacks will thay come back that’s my question not if it male or female


@Caosred I saw what you wrote. It’s hard for us to tell you you anything since we didn’t see what you saw.

If they come back, post a pic so we can have a look. If they don’t come back your question is answered.

You also don’t mention the strain and whether they are fems, autos or regular seeds.


Don’t know what strain it is and no tgere not femniz seeds just lucky dip seeds so you never had a hemmii plant before?? Do hemmii plant stay hemii or can they go back to full female or fully male? If you remove the male on it


From what I understand, sometimes you can just eliminate the male part, but there are no guarantees more will not show up, and that fertilization of other nearby plants did not happen, or even fertilizing itself for more maleness. If she seeds, there is a great likelihood that those seeds too will produce more Hermie plants.


Ok thanks man finally someone who’s on the right page that’s what i thought


I’ve had males. Ive had females. I have had female plants that created seeds where there were no males to pollinate them.

I’m still not clear on if you got pollen sacs (Male) or if you saw bananas (hermaphrodites) or if you have seed pods from being pollinated from a male plant

If you have pollen sacs no amount of removing them is going to help you.

If you have bananas then you might have had herm seeds to begin with and its impossible to know if you have only a part that is herm or the whole plant is a hermaphrodite. Picking them off might work, but you won’t know immediately.

If you have seed pods then you could have a fem plant that stressed and created seeds or fem plant that was partially pollinated by a male plant.

So there is your exact answer.


Cheers really appreciate it i had male pollen sacks that were not open only on the one branch cutt it off and see how it goes if it keeps popping male sacks I’m ripping it got way better ones to worry about thanks


Bought a Afghan regular seed it’s was female I took colonels off it and everything then I put it out side and seen balls how’s that possible