Female clone turned gay

I read that a cutting taken off a female would be female. Well nope. It is a morph at best. So if I allow it to run its course would the seeds be all female, or would it produce seeds at all?

If it has balls or nanners, get rid of it before it pollinates all other plants and ruins your harvest. A plant going hermaphroditic is usually because of stress or a light leak during the 12 hour dark period. All my clones have stayed female, but I have very good light control.

“Gay” doesn’t really apply to plants. There are no plants that like other plants of the same gender. We call them “hermies” because they have flowers of both genders. Making hermies on purpose to make seeds is probably well above your pay grade, so to speak. Breeders do stuff like that but they use clean rooms to control the spread of pollen. An amateur should try to get their basic growing of females right, including using clones. Seeds are kind of an advanced topic, because it’s so easy to ruin your crop.


This plant has been outside. The mother is inside. Even though it is a little light in the sneakers, mom still loves it. Thanks for the input, but not my point. If a plant is both does it pollinate the feminine side creating seeds?

Are you asking if the plant will polinate itself, it will, and all seeds should be female, I haven’t done it but have read on it. Good luck with your clone my friend.


Thanks I will post m results. It’s ma is in here eighth week. Only 2 more to go. Love Blue Dream

It won’t start seeding until I start flowering it will it?

Also I had a plant go hermi and I was told to watch your plants carefully if you use these seeds because they will have a hermi gene and are more prone to be a hermi too just my 2 cents

Gay? Lol! Nah, but it did hermie. I’m wondering what kind of stresses the clone was put through? Or possibly the mother plant was prone to hermying?

I cut the branch off and placed it in water. Roots grew out and placed in soil. Placed it outside and that is where it has been. Plan on finishing it inside as it smells more. So I really don’t know how it got stressed. Planted in Happy Frog.

Temperatures. A street light or house light can some times cause this. Is the whole plant hermie or just partial? If it’s the whole plant than it would have been a major stress I’m thinking.

Whole plant. If we knew what caused a sex change our world would be a better place.

I’ve lost clones due to this and have never figured out what caused it so my thinking was the actual cloning process was to stressful

I have several plays. One turned into a hermaphrodite. Some seeds developed in a fem plant I have next to it. If I take seeds off of the female plant will the seeds be guaranteed to be fem?

You should know that a single hermaphrodite will probably pollenate ALL your female plants, not just itself.

No, b/c the seed’s genetic make up is inherited from both the fem plant & the hermie, meaning that it can take on chsracteristics from both parents.

A self-pollinated plant, however, will produce seeds that can be either female or hermaphrodite.

Mostly and seeds produced from a hermie plant and any pollinated buds from a hermie plant will produce Hermie seeds. Not a Great Idea to work with these plants at all.

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@DesertGrowers If a hermie plant fertilizes a seperate, female plant, the seeds can come out showing any number of characteristics from both parents. Basic plant genetics.

If a hermie plant fertilizes itself, those seeds will absolutely produce hermied plants (with a small chance of a female plant, here & there).

I absolutely agree about not breeding with hermies. I never suggested the person should breed them, myself.

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Thanks @blackthumbbetty for the flag

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