Female clone off of a hermi

If I take a female stem off of a hermi plant, and clone it, what are the chances that the clone will be all Female?


My guess is not to good.I would never even try to clone from a hermi plant. Why take the chance of spending so much time and effort to only lose it later on to the same thing.


The clone would have same genetic traits are mother and would be susceptible to hermi its self just a fyi
Now seeds from a hermi plant can give you viable females so collect all the seeds you find in the hermi plant


@Countryboyjvd1971 thanks for the input. I got them separated and going to go ahead and flower the big one. I have came to the conclusion that this plant may indeed be hermi, due to some of the branches coming off the main stems have female traits. So that’s my guess. Only time will truly tell.

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In my own personal experience each time I have taken a clone from a hermaphrodite plant, that clone ends up becoming hermaphrodite. I don’t know if this is normal or not but that is just from my experience. So I personally wouldn’t bother to take it. I don’t do it anymore just because I can’t seem to get one to not be a hermaphrodite once it grows up. Good luck and enjoy your growing.

@neckNflu even if I pull a female limb? I may just put it in another room and let it flower and see what it does. Will it still make flowers if it’s a herm?

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If you took it from a plant that’s 100% female then you would be fine and it would be a female. But if you took it from a plant that’s has both hermaphrodite and some regular female branches then maybe it would increase your chances of it not being hermaphrodite? But I haven’t grown that long to really know how in-depth this works. I’m sure somebody knows more about this than I do though and will be able to respond in depth.

Don’t clone a hermi… it’s not worth your time and effort… :wink:

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I’m actually just going to flower it and see what it does. No cloning.


@Jrock9435 be careful flowering that hermi if the pollen sacks release pollen it can pollenate your other plants even if they are in another room you can transfer pollen on your clothes and hair etc.
imo it not worth it
But it your grow so just a fyi my friend


I never though of that. I am going to throw it out! It’s def not worth it.

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Thats what i would do sorry bro

I have a healthy female and she looks good. So it’s all gravy.20180214_081842 my next grow will come from female seeds that I pay for. No more of this crap.

Hahahaha awesome :sunglasses:
She looks good brother
You topped her ?

@Countryboyjvd1971 not yet because, I was messing around when she was tiny and cut off a few bottom fan leaves and I didn’t even it out. So where I cut the one side, it kinds started growing sideways and branches that replaced it took over as being the top. So now it looks like this 15186544899101388742282I want to top her again but I don’t want to shock her and turn her hermi. I think that’s what I did to the last one. Went topping crazy.

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Yeah it definitely a high stress technique lol
I only top or fim my plants once

I may top it once after I change to 12/12. I don’t wamt to stress her to much and have the same result. Thanks for the help! I really do appreciate it.

Top before you flip to 12/12! Top her and give her time to recover before you put her into flower. You don’t want to stress her too much once you flip the lights.

How long after topping her should I switch?

I’d give it at least a week. Some plants can take a topping and not miss a beat, while others will take a week or two. Kind of going to have to see how she responds, but keep this journal current and we can help you out! Welcome to the forum and happy growing!