Female buds with seed


Can anyone help me.
I’ve got an outdoor female which is nearly done and has Seed in the buds.
I can’t see any male flowers on it.inside there are female’s under Light.
Will they be affected… should I remove the outdoor…


@Twisted So is it an outdoor plant that you brought indoors with your other plants if it has seeds on it I want it as far away from any other plants I have!! But more than likely it had something to do with stress and it would hermi on you


Outdoor, they could’ve actually been pollinated, too.


@elheffe702 pollen floats on air… maybe some one near by is growing too!


Pollen can travel a long way just on air currents. Even farther on a pollinator!

Risk of pollination is one of the reasons people grow inside…


Just maybe you have some feminized seeds? I grow outdoors as well


Pollen can travel up to 5 miles with no problems… big issue in the emerald triangle… :wink:

Unless your changing your clothes and showering before going inside to play with your girls… good chance they will have some seeds as well … :wink: