Fem seeds to grow outdoor at 45°N, 95°W

Will be growing outdoor I can put in ground about mid April & harvest late Sept to Early Oct. I grew some bag seeds this year for my 1st attempt at growing. All plants hermed on me. Might have been genetics or whatever. What Fem seeds would work best for me? Looking for some pretty high THC content.

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Gold Leaf is a BEAST. GDP, Northern Lights, Banner are all knockouts. All ILGM offerd.

Do you have streetlights in your neighborhood? If so; that’s why they hermied on you.

White Widow, Jack Herer, OG Kush, all good choices too.

I think I probably screwed up. When I started them inside not knowing any better I had them on a 12-12 light cycle. Live and learn I guess

There is way to many strains that is good, I’m thinking on getting some Amnesia Haze since she sounds like a potent strain. I’ve smoked like 100 strains and they have also taken me for a ride.

One made my head feel like it was alive with electricity. I was moving my hands above my head and could feel the electricity from head to my finger tips. My buddy tried to grow 48 plants indoors and only 2 made it. The plants were both 6” tall and the buds was 6” tall as well. I called it The Holocaust.

This one he grew was a knock you the hell out in couch lock. But that wasn’t just what happened. I couldn’t move my body at all and it felt like my souls left my body and I was looking down at myself. I had never experienced something like that before. It was out of this world and he got it from a nickel bag of street weed. I have never experienced something like that since. Now I am chasing the Unicorn now,

I would consider looking into using autoflower plants for outdoor grow where you’re at.

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Sounds like a good idea you won’t be limited to season for autos

Bergmans Auto Gold Leaf sings the body electric !