Fem seed germination

What possible ways do you recommend for germinating my maui waui and gold leaf fems? For years, I’ve found the easiest way is soaking! Within a day, but usually 2 to 3, they open and are put in pots! But these seeds are special and I want to ensure that my investment pans out!


I have 100% success following the ILGM guidelines.

Soak over night in water w/drop of H2O2.

Moist paper towel folded in a bag placed in a warm dark place until tap root.

Plant in medium of choice and grow great buds.

Good luck, happy growing and a warm welcome to the ILGM community.

I just planted another couple Maui Wowie a few weeks ago.


I like starting mine in rapid rooters. In seed starter tray with dome.
It works 99% of the time for me!

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