Fem plant. Are those seeds?

my service sucks so it wont fully load, but the blurry pic looks like a boy to me.

Yeah those are definitely seed pods what strain is it ?

Afgoo. If a plant has some stress will it cause it to change sex? I only have 1 plant growing thus far and I started it in sunlight then transferred it to the tent with the lamp

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Is that supposed to be a Feminized plant?

It looks all male to me, I don’t see any pistils.



UNLESS you want a bucket full of seeds…KILL IT, KILL IT NOW. KILL IT SOONER THAN NOW!!!
Death to all males. :nerd_face:


Looks like a boy to me too. Can u try to take a more focusd photo?

I vote a quick death and a compost bin bath

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Juice it.

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Throw some more beans in the dirt and start a new for youve raised a baby boy! Welcome to site your future is bright… lmao dang I’m baked!!

Yes. Supposed to be Fem. But it definitely is a Male. Sacs everywhere