Feist time grower need help

I inherited these two girls. Have no clue on what I am doing or how to need help

I’ll start by asking some easy questions, then we will get into the harder stuff.


Any idea what strain(s) and whether they came from seed, clone, a seedbank seed, etc?

Do you know what kind of potting soil they are in?

When were they last watered and how much

And lastly - do you want to grow these indoors or outdoors?

Welcome aboard. We’ll help you get where you want to be. :v:


Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning: You’ll learn everything you need here.


I have no clue on the strain of the plants.
They came from a seed.
The soil they are in is miracle gro.
I watered the girls yesterday with distilled water.
Oh how much about a half gallon for both of them.
Right now I have them indoors. I take them out in the mornings to sun light. And bring them back in at night for it is still a cold for them.


Hold the phone. I’m going to have to page the good doctor.

Ohhhh doctor- @Dr.ofSmokology

We have a grower who needs some miracle gro assistance. :v:


Do you have a ph meter? I’d reccomended flushing the miracle grow and using a nutrient regimine like the simple 3 part dakine 420 it’s super cheap and effective

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That may be problematic since it’s a time-released nutrient built into MG. I’ll refrain til the doc can assist - I admit his trials with it predate me


But how would I go about flushing them.

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I will wait until I hear from the doctor


My buddy saved one by doing a massive flush with warm water to strip the nutrients out of the soil he might have used a chemical I don’t know but please let me know the correct way as well I know a few doing the same I use fox farm strawberry fields


Thank you I am hoping to learn on how to take care of them


At sunrise I’d pour just plain water and basically let all the water come off the bottom don’t flood all at once but cycle I think 2 gallons of water for every gallon of pot size then let dry and then repeat… I think I’d love y’all’s opinion as well I don’t wanna mislead anyone I’m a book worm but still a greenhorn in the industry as far as hands o goes but I’m doing well here’s my first

attemp ever


They are gorgeous


Thank you I have a grow journal under lsd 1000 watt first time grow LSD feminized first time grow 1000 w led Grow


Be careful there are no pests on plants by bringing them in and out each day. You definitely don’t want to tangle with them.


your plants are looking really good. flushing with miracle grow is pointless. your just constantly feeding if you do. MG feeds for up to 3months. you will never fully fush a MG plant. all you can do now is either ride it out and see what you get. or transplant pending age of plant. just use straight plain water with nothing else. no adding nutrients. maybe a bloom booster but thats it. and water till larger runoff that usual.


The good Doc has spoken! Id risk shaking that dirt off the roots and trying to transplant into a more canna friendly soil myself. Delicate procedure but better then watching your leaves burn up every watering.


I have done it by filling a wheelbarrow with water and flooding the root mass under water and gently releasing the soil from the roots.
Then repotting in fresh soil. Can also flood it and then drain. You will lose a few fine roots but it if you can dim the lights or keep the humidity up so it doesn’t need to pull a lot of water in a couple days it will recover the ability to feed itself.


If I may play the role of Devils advocate here….

It’s possible is all I’m saying…


Well done Brother!! You’re definitely the exception :love_you_gesture: