Feeling a little tents


So I’m on my second grow. Kind of overlapping because I need to churn out the medicine as that’s what my condition requires, currently I’m running a 300w LED as the main light and a secondary 45w LED. I live in high desert, grow in the basement with a gas heated home so humidity is crazy low. I am starting to contemplate getting a tent to have more control over temps, odor and humidity. Plus I’m going to need a separate vegging area and flowering area if I’m going for the perpetual harvest. I would just like any input on cheap options for tents as I’m a stay at home parent and don’t get a lot of money to spend like that. Thanks.


Amazon is a safe bet for finding a reasonable tent. @Growba-Fett hopefully you’ll have two different grow spaces. As flowering you’ll want very low humidity. But for your location, you’ll want a humidifier for the veg process.


If your going to use tent to veg you can get a cheaper tent because light leaks not an issue also not as tall cheaper @Covertgrower s right i got my tents from amazon theres tons just watch for shipping times some literally come on a slow boat from china.


i ordered some hydrometers that stopped at a nudie bar in bangkok and still have not arrived @Rexx!
so @Growba-Fett watch out for that ,lol
4by4 tent will run about 100$,put in your cart and let set,and you might could get it for 80$
happy growing!


I have these 2. The big one is a pain to open/close, but it’s a great size. I haven’t had any issues with light leaks in either.

Apollo Horticulture 48”x24”x60” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing

(Clearance sale)Hydroplanet™ 60x31x80 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing (60X31X80)


If your handy you can build your own boxes and line with oanda plastic as well @Growba-Fett
Or just make two small rooms if you space allows that
Search panda plastic on Amazon
It comes in different size rolls

Here a link but it may be more than you need or not enough?


I have the Apollo Horticulture 4x4 and I love it. I do wish the door opened all the way to both sides but it’s not a huge deal.


I have the same one and the only thing I wish is of the sides zipped down lower


Yeah that would make things easier when trying to SCROG for sure.


The Hydroplanet tent will open up on 3 sides, if you have the space to do so. But, you still have 2 zippers on top, one in the middle, and 2 on the bottom to deal with. Plus, it’s a great height for flowering.