Feel Free to drop your outdoor photo photos here .2022 only

Some fun in the sun


Peanut butter and jellyfish! So tall


Beautiful trees :evergreen_tree::blush::v:

My security view from the house.


Really nice !! What are you using for the weed barrier tarps and what else?


Underlayment for roads, has good drainage as well.


The other one is just outdoor carpet, I still need to put up the rest of the greenhouses up.

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Oh my, I would love this backyard setup. Great job. Your going to have some happy ladies.

Unfortunately I have to grow like a guerilla. But someday in my time left on the big ball of craziness. I will have a nice garden near my cave .
I’m actually in line to get a damaged roll of the heavy underlayment for roads . I have a connect in that biz . I am in the beginnings of growing trees for retail. Native trees for my locality. If I can keep my stock alive and growing in pots thru the 110+ degree heat I’ll go into full tree farm mode this winter. That is why I asked what you are using.


Started these in April


The really tall plant is it Amnesia Haze or some type of Sativa? I grew some that really got tall AF started getting really hairy Hairy Buds on it seemed to fill in the stalks and good Smoke too


Awesome looking good!

That tall lanky Sativa is Dr Grinspoon I have three of them going they 100+ days flower I put them out April 29 I started them April 2nd other plants other strains running in the background are Double Black, Wonder Pie, Candy land and Larrys Sour Lemon.

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Other thing in the garden
And maters


One thing I can say is Sativa is they are very resistant to drought and mold very tough plants, I had some Amnesia Haze grow extremely tall , some of the Indicas had a little Bud Rot but none on the Haze, I live in a Hot, Humid Climate and they seemed to do better than my Indicas


Good Idea! We may all have to start growing vegetables! Getting kinda rough out there with gas prices and the overall economy sucks


It’s hot where I am too and we in drought conditions I use water beads and alot of rabbit poop and alfalfa pellets it holds water pretty good I use 50 gallon bags and 67 gallon nursery pots it’s a race to get the plants big enough two shade the plants
Being a guerilla gardener I have to tote water it’s alot of work I’ve grown Amnesia Haze and strawberry amnesia That have gone 15 and 16 ft I came up with a plan to include sponges in the pots closer to the bottom of the bags

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We grow veggies peaches ,our own Beef rabbits and poultry gives us lots of compost material

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I have to tote water too ! I useing organic fertilizer too , fish fertilizer works good but it definitely draws rodents, I’m going to start useing fabric pot’s next year I’m thinking it may be harder for them to dig in them , I’m convinced it’s field mice they dig at night I lost a couple of plants because of them, I tried a suggestion useing cayenne pepper and so far it’s working haven’t had any more digging up plants