Feeding the ladies

Alright ladies and gents. About to set up and purge my r.o. system later. Some questions in regard to feeding the ladies. When adding my nutrients on a feed day, what is the optimal ppm to have your r.o. water/food at? A buddy says he gets it to 600ppm. Doesnt the r.o. bring the water down to dam near 0ppm? Wouldn’t that be very hard water(600)? Am I missing something? I dont want to damage the ladies.

For hydro or soil? I can tag a couple people that would know maybe.

Forgot to add that in, sorry! For soil

Ok. @PurpNGold74 @LoCoRock @elheffe702 @imSICKkid @Myfriendis410 @Gremmall @GreenJewels
I don’t RO or PPM…I know I know… so I can’t answer this

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I understand him to say, using R/O water, when nutes are added it comes to 600 ppm which is a good number in veg. If not, I don’t know what the question is.

My R/O water out of the spigot is 8 ppm.


I see @Myfriendis410 typing, so I’m going to see what he has to say, since he sent me down the RO rabbit hole originally :joy:

Exactly what I was thinking. He’s probably referring to after nutrients have been added. Your nutrient line will typically recommend how many ppm you should be feeding at what stage of the plants’ lives, assuming you’re using stuff specifically formulated for cannabis. Those recommendations are probably a little high, because they want you to use it up and buy more. A good practice is to start at a 1/2 or even 1/4 strength mix, see how your plants respond, and go from there. If you’re using ‘general purpose’ type fertilizers, you’d want to start somewhere around 200-300 ppm, and work your way up, probably not needing to exceed 1200 or so at the heaviest in full on flowering mode.


Yes that would be it then I’m sure. So what’s a good range ppm for flower then?

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Mine is in week 4:

Using Promix and GH nutes and my watering today was 2 gallons at 850 ppm.


Thanks for the info. Currently running advanced nutrients line and will be switching to megacrop (one part mix added) from solo cup to crop supposedly. Gunna do a run with it and see how it goes. A friend uses it and loves it


I’ll be in ocean forest using advanced nutrients line till I use it all up then gunna switch as stated a minute ago lol

In ocean forest, you won’t need to feed for several weeks, if not clear through veg.


Yes; I should be clear that I’m in media and not soil. I feed 3 days in 4 per the GH schedule and I’m providing everything when I do. You are looking to supplement with something biased towards flowering when you get to that point.

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I have 5 plants in 10 gal cloth pots and ocean forest, did not feed at all all through the entire veg, potted up once halfway thru veg


This I know. I’ve been using it for a bit

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Same. I go from cuts of mine in 1gals to 10gals through the end


How big do your clones get in the 1 gal pots before you have to transplant them? I’m thinking of doing something similar, only 3 gallon pots, sort of a halfway sea of green.

I keep em in there until they’re about 1’ tall, then into the 10gal bags and veg for another week (2weeks veg total). I scrog em also. Love it! My time periods might change once I start my next, I have those hlg 550 v2 rspecs I’m gunna fire up and use. I should have faster growth all around with them. I’ve heard they can shave off a week ish of harvest time.

About a foot tall or when I see the roots need more room***all depends **

You think if I rooted clones in solo cups, then went into a 1 gallon and immediately to 12/12 they’d outgrow those pots in a 8 or 9 weeks?

I guess I know the answer to that…“depends.”

I think I’ll have to fiddle with the strains I decide on and see what works best. I’m trying to find the happiest medium between too many plants and jail time, versus too few plants and too much veg time.

1 gals would be to small imo. The more roots the more fruits