Feeding strawberry kush

Hello I have just planted 2 Strawberry Kush seeds and I am wondering about feeding. I have a small tent that is 5’ big by 2’ deep by 3.5’ wide. Jam using a400 watt MH for veg and HPS for flower. I have used Sensi grow and Sensi bloom before but not sure how much feed I should give my girls. Thanks

I’m new here and was wondering about the flowering time of 52 days on Strawberry Kush. I live in the Northern Hemisphere and usually have to wait until Fall to harvest. Will these mature in the summer if i get them in the ground let’s say early April? Thanks.

Also, I didn’t mean to hijack the thread. I’m just learning my way around on here.

narrow the location…it’s a global forum AND a few details always help, like “fall harvest”, Sept, Oct, Nov?

Outside relies on length of nights, 12 hours the accepted to start flowering.

Autoflower will blossom independent of night time length, probably something to think about.

I’m wanting just female plants though, so I’m thinking auto could be male or female, don’t know for sure. I think I’ll go with a feminized seed.

Autos are supposed to be all female, and are made to be grown outside in short seasons…

Let’s say I live in CT., I’d plan on them this summer.

Nothing more frustrating than a premature harvest…the last few weeks are the best.

Can you count on no freezes, hurricanes, snow, heavy rains? That’s my fall…

S E USA. I’m just in a hurry to try this site and seeds out.

Mine, at my hypothetical grow in CT., would go out on May 1, and has given me problems with an outdoor grow, late Sept harvest…

It might be a fight with mother nature…Wait a day for other opinions?

The site and seeds are rock solid.

By the way…having this as a hobby and being in a hurry don’t work.
Good to order seeds though, now read and learn…knowledge is power :wink:

Knowledge is it,

Good morning, not sure about the amount of nutes you need but you should be able to get the info/conversion ratio from the bottle. I have the same strain going and started adding nutes at about the 2 week old range. This is my first grow so learning as I go but you will love this strain, it’s growing very full and bushy. 2 1/2 weeks into flower now and looking really good. Can’t wait to try the finished product! Good luck and keep us posted.

Thanks for the info. I did get the ratio from the guys at Sensi grow but more opinions and additional info I always seek cuz like you I am new to this. Great to hear about the Strawberry success you are having and I hope your buds grow big and heavy. I planted just last Sun and they both have just poked the soil so I am excited. I plan to post my ladies progress on this forum so more to come.

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Hey @Ntense i hope you don’t mind if I ask but I am currently doing my first grow with the same strain and was wondering how big did you get your plants before you switched them to the flowering stage? I was a few days behind your grow but had some soil problems and it stunted their growth some, but all is looking good now


@gizmo, no problem at all. I decided on a SCrog grow so started using LST around 3 weeks in. They are in 10 gallon pots (probably overkill bit being first grow I thought I would error on the side of caution to avoid them being root bound). Vegged for 42 days and flipped to flower, not sure of actual height since using a screen. I am actually growing sour diesel and strawberry kush together SO… The diesel dictated when they went into flower sin it was getting pretty big and I was trying to allow for stretch. I will message you a pic.
Hope this helps!

I had no luck getting my seeds to germinate out of my 1st 3 seeds of Strawberry Kush, so they sent me 5 replacement seeds which was very nice of them. I’m trying to get 2 of them to germinate and I followed the germination video and today makes 7 days and I haven’t saw nothing. I can grow beans, corn, tomatoes, etc. but I’m not having any luck with these seeds. I’m trying to grow them outside because I have no room inside. On average how long does it take SK to pop and should I give up on the 2 that I’m trying to germinate. My weather on average for the last couple of weeks is 85 degrees day time and 65 at night, humidity around 55. Thanks.

Hey EarlyPearl,
I am not sure if there is any time frame for seeds to pop. I soaked mine in a glass of water for 24 hrs or so before I put them in soil. It took another 7 days after that.
Did you soak your seeds before putting them in the medium.
Good luck

Yeah, I soaked them for 24 hours. I just think SK is hard to pop open.