Feeding schedule

Hey guys,

My plants are in the 4th week’s of flowering last week i feed with 1300 ppm using bloom booster 1100 ppm and micronutrients extract 200 ppm, my question is this week should i water with nutes or just water ?!

Those are my nutrients for flowering :point_down:

My buds :fist_left:

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I had a similar question because I have just fed fed fed my girls and someone stated that they also feed Everytime (we also both use Jack’s 321) and just watches that the runoff ppms aren’t skyrocketed compared to what he puts in/feeds and just watches/reads the plant which is the basic premise I was going with

So what is ur opinion bro

I personally am all for pushing em but still paying attention to what they say/how they look

I’m a newbie about 9-10 weeks into my first grow so not a lot of actual experience yet but I’ve come to understand that these girls are very tough and resilient and if you pay close enough attention they do let you know if they’re not happy

Thx bro, waiting for the masters to answer

I have 5 GG autos going that I have done nothing but feed so far until recently I have done a couple water only…two are huge, two are funky (I think a oh problem) and the other is about average but more frosty than the others…:person_frowning:

Any help guys

Monitor PH in and out. Monitor PPM in and out. If the out ph is exceeds 1.0 points you may have a problem. If the run off ppm is exceeding the ppm your adding, slow down or skip a feedings. It’s all a numbers game. I have zero experience with the nutrients you are using. Pay attention to the plant.

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Thank you dear

One more question plz ! If a whole plant turn yellow during the first weeks of flowering that means that she need nitrogen ?

Hard to say really. A symptom of nitrogen deficiency is yellowing.

Here’s some generic pics for reference


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