Feeding Schedule With Fabric Pots


I’m using Fox Farm nutes on a outside grow and my plants are in 7 gal fabric pots. The schedule says to feed 2 times a week. Ive also see where some have said to feed every other watering. My question is, should I be feeding more often with the fabric pots since they tend to dry out faster.


I’ve never used a set feeding schedule. I’ve always water, then feed, water. If an issue arises than correct as necessary. Just watch the plants, they will tell you what they need


I like to go by feel when watering. Meaning I lift my pots up to see how heavy they are. I find it is the best way to determine if they need to be watered.
If you aren’t comfortable determining by weight you could fill an unused pot with dry soil to get a feel for what it should weigh dry and compare to your pots that have your plants in it.

As for feeding them nutes being that they are still small I wouldn’t over do it with nutes. I’ve never used the fox farm line but if it were me I would feed every other watering for nownwhile they are still young and then bump up to every watering when they get bigger or when you get a feel for when they are hungry. You could purchase a TDS meter to help determine how many nutes you have added to your water and also monitor the runoff to see how many nutes the plants is taking up.


Thanks for the input Hawkeye_diesel and Jmesser80. Sounds like the more logical way to go. Ive been more or less doing this I guess except when its raining which has been a lot of late so I really haven’t been able to feed them on any sort of a schedule at all… thanks again for the input.


No problem.
I’ve never grown oitside myself. (Plan to at some point) anyway the nutrient line I use is a dry fertilizer that you add to the medium so in my case I could put some nutes into the medium and let that rain wash it in but where you use a liquid fert you can’t do that. Not sure where you are but in my neck of the woods the rainy season should have already past but this year it’s raining right through may.


In western NC we’ve had a good bit of rain this spring. Have actually had a full week with no rain! This is my second grow. 1st one got some really decent sized buds but did a lot wrong from the beginning. I’m doing my best to minimize that this time around. I have 5 feminized Crystal and 3 feminized WW going all in pots.


I’m in NH and have also had a descent amount of rain this month. The forecast looks as though we are in for some more. Up here it would be a little early to put them outside yet typically my rule of thumb is after Memorial Day. But it’s a bit warmer for you guys down your way I’m sure.


If you have your plants in good soil there is probably very little need for any aggressive fertilizing yet. I also understand that rain contains a surprising amount of nitrogen.


I think the cold may have slow the growth a tiny bit. But they have outside since they were about 8 days old. Took this picture yesterday … Been giving nutes since they been outside. They have put up with temps down to 38 degrees one morning. I’m about ready to start toping these.


It looks like something had been munching on the leaves in the picture


Ye it has, not sure what it was, the other 4 plants have similar damage. I inspected them found nothing. Its like something stops by and munches a little and leaves.


Fabric pots look like a great idea! I may adopt!

I’m a beginning grower using Fox Farms trio. At first I used the directions on the bottles, but then I found the feeding schedule on the website; the two aren’t quite the same. I agree with other people – you’ve got to read the plants and use your judgement. But to get in two feedings a week while alternating water, I’ve been alternating morning feeding with twilight waterings. So Monday morning feed. Tuesday twilight water. Thursday morning feed. Friday twilight water. Sunday morning feed . . .

Again. This is my first grow, so I don’t know what I’m doing! But this is how I got to (slightly over) two feeds a week, and seems to be working.


Also; if the soil in fabric pots dries out faster, could you just water just a tad more when you water? Another question for you: do the fabric pots have draining holes? Does the fabric get pretty wet?


On a recommendation from here,I’ve actually gone to feeding everyday and in the morning, and they seem to really like it. The pots drain very well. I have 5 Crystal fem strain that I got from ILGM and are almost 6 weeks old. I’m using Fox Farms Big Bloom 1 oz, Grow Big 1oz and just started adding Tiger Bloom 1 oz in 2gal h2o. The fabric pots work a lot better than a 5 gal plastic bucket which is what I used last year. The plants are loving it and so am I. I do have 3 WW fem in the 5 gal plastic buckets and they are doing good. But not responding as well as the Crystal.

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I have my plants in 7 gallon smart pots on my deck in Massachusetts. They are doing great. I moved them from my windowsill to smart pots at 3 weeks. (I thought they were 4) I am following FF feeding schedule . I feed Monday & Friday. Once they get older I’ll add and extra feed.
5 plants are auto flower so they won’t grow too big and not much work with them. The other 5 are going to need pinching and netting for support. I think on my next grow I’ll stick to the auto flowering as they don’t grow as big. This is my first grow. If I am doing anything that should be changed please advise .