Feeding Schedule Question (URGENT, Time Sensative) - Using FoxFarm + AdvancedNutrients

I apologize in advance for semi-multi post. — My Grow Journal is Here: Super Snow Dog *(Manifold + LST)* Indoor. 600Super-HPS

Fox Farm Tiger Bloom is Chemical Based, Fox Farm Big Bloom is Organic.— My Plants are VERY green which leads me to beleive after defoliation the leaves are holding a great deal of Nitrogen.----- Today is the start of week 5, and im contimplating dropping Tiger Bloom from my feeding schedule from here until the end. ---- I intend to feed today FFBigBloom + AdvancedNutrients OverDrive + BlackStrap. ------ WILL this be enough to push until Harvest from week 5? OR Should I continue FFTigerBloom WITH the FFBB+OD+BS? ---- im worried the chemical base from TigerBloom will kill any beneficial organics needed for final weeks of flower. —

You can but you may start running into deficiencies. Big bloom doesn’t have much in it. Overdrive seems like it’s a finisher product and blackstrap feeds microbes not the plant. Not sure you’ll have enough PK to finish her out.

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Yup id follow manufacturers guide here. I completely understand not wanting to muck up your food web. I use organics and microbes and blackstrap. And tailord down my calmag alot towards the finish for this exact reason. If u do discontinue it, look into an organic PK booster. Like i said im 95% organic (damn calmag n ph up) so i use bloom fish emul for flower boosting. Cheap n effective

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@Bobbydigital Ty for response :slight_smile: That was my concern with stopping Tigerbloom this quickly at week 5 was seeing deficiencies by week7-8 and the plant needing to go week 9-10, but right now I think i overfed slightly the last feeding- my leaves are showing Nitrogen Toxicity (Slightly) with really dark green leaves (Not puffy like an overwatering would look, and i see the “Claw” on very very very few (Like 5 leaves total) - I planned the Overdrive as extra organic minerals for late feeding (Was told week 5+ is ideal) ----

@PurpNGold74 The major concern was if TigerBloom was going to negatively effect the BigBloom+OverDrive+BS in anyway— I didnt even think tho to add another fert so i appriciate the advice, gonna go to grow shop in a bit and look for something with 0-X-X ---- I saw a Kelp emul last time I was there that was 0-0-60 but I was hesitant of getting it because the BS adds a ton of potassium — HOWEVER it makes sense between both your responses that the BS is more organic formula based so running chem nutes im assuming the BS isnt doing much but clogging up the food web? =P

Nah. The blackstrap is the carb load for ur Overdrive microbes. Think of it like this.

Plants eats NPK
Overdrive eats blackstrap
Well fed microbes help breakdown and more readily feed plant more npk.

Happy circle of life. They are helpers. N u gotta get the help well fed