Feeding schedule/ nutrients for Autoflowers

Question from a fellow grower:

Hello, I have some of your Super Skunk Auto there about a week old and
looking beautiful I have them in roots organic emerald mountain so they
won’t need any food for at least 3 weeks but I was wondering what a
feeding schedule would be for that auto flower strained I can’t seem to
find one anywhere for your particular Super Skunk I use general
hydroponics flora series only the micro in bloom no use for the Gro as
the micro has what it needs for the grow anyway but is it going to be
just one of those trial and error things or can you recommend a feeding
schedule for this strain. Thanks

feed 2 out of every 3 days - start bloom nutrient feeding now they are in pre-flower stage of growth now at week 3, are you seeing bud development yet?

Useing what you have, start at 1/4 strength and add 1/4 each feeding.

And watch how each plant reaction to the feeding.
Now I haven’t grown any auto’s, but commonsense tells me once a week is enough. You have to take into account your soil and what percentage of nutrients are in your soil.
Many beginners and even seasoned growers over look this and wind up with PH problems
Hope this helps and is my opinion only

B Safe

I agree with Garrigan62 will add that you should start feeding only after you have 4-5 true nodes on your plant this could take a week or more but any shock to an auto will trigger it to start flower early so watch ph and feed super lightly to start with. If your plant responds well to feeding you can start to up the dose I work on a water feed water schedule to keep media flushed or atleast reduce how often I need to flush.

I have autos and I fed them the same as the other plants. They seem happy and healthy. I mix my Fox Farm Grow, Bloom in 2 gallons of water and spread it around the 10 plants every Monday and Friday. After reading about autos should I back off on the feeding of the autos or am I giving the correct amount since I don’t drench the pots. They are out on my deck in 7 gl smart pot. They are 5 weeks and 12 -13 inches. I got my seeds from ILGM and all of them germinated. This is my first grow and all the help on line is just awesome.