Feeding questions need help!

Hey all! I have 2 jack herer autoflowers currently growing in a 36x36x72 tent. I started them in ffof soil and had absolutely no issues just watered when dry. They both started to flower very early on (day 17) after they broke soil. Since I have had some issues with bottom leafs dying off and now some leaf tips yellowing. My plants are still relatively small and I was told to hold off on giving them any supplements as my soil is “hot”. I looked briefly on line and it said that the tips could be yellowing because they are receiving to much nutrients. They are currently 26 days old… any suggestions on if what I have going on is normal or if I should be supplementing them with something would be greatly appreciated!

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Overall I think your plant looks good couple Leafs on the bottom beat up , and touching the dirt I would snip them. Your plant still has a lot of stretching to do. Could double or triple in size. That being said I think you’re close to adding some NPK.

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Thanks for the advice! What is NPK? Haha sorry I’m really new at this!


Whatever flavor you might be planning on feeding nitrogen, phosphate, potassium lot of different good products out there.

Any leaves that come in contact with the soil will discolor like that. It’s no big deal. Just trim them off as they get “ugly”.

Are you pH’ing your water before using?
What type of water?

Ffof is usually good with just water for the first 4-7 weeks.


I bought the fox farm trio…

A lot of people use that product good choice.

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@Drinkslinger no I’m not ph’ing my water. I have just been using room temp tap water. I no it’s not ideal

You’re going to run into problems not pH’ing.

When you begin using nutes, especially fox farms nutes, you’re going to need to pH regularly. Trust me on that.

Do yourself a favor and get a decent pH meter. Amazon has them for $20-$50 (for a decent one).


@Drinkslinger I will break down and buy a ph pen and buffer. Since my plants started to flower so early should i only use the tiger bloom as directed? Also i didnt buy any cal mag should i be using that as well?

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When your add your nutes to the water it’s going to drive your pH Down so you might want to pick you up a bottle of pH up to get you back to the Sweet spot on ph to water in with.

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Don’t use anything.

Plants look fine. When they are happy; anything you add will make them less happy. You’ve gotten decent advice so far. Until you get a PH meter; water with distilled or R/O only. You don’t need to PH that.