Feeding question

A question from a fellow grower:

Hello yes I have a question I recently purchased your nutrients and am having some issues an was hoping you can give me some advice. Iam currently switching to the mass booster cause iam on about the final stage of flowering that being said iam growing in soil using autoflowering strains. But my problem seems to be a nitrogen deff all of my lower leaves are yellowing an curling in. I know this is normal for the end of its life cycle but it’s still to soon. Iam not sure if I followed the feeding sch yall sent me correctly I tried my best it’s kinda hard to understand. Anyways do you think I can go back an give my ladies a shot of grow booster or is it to late now that Iam already switching to the mass booster iam new to using your nutrients pck this is my first time every using them please give whatever advice possible thanks.

Common mistake most beginners make , they count the calendar days when switching from veg to flower , which is the pre flower stage , so the first two weeks of the switch is not counted as flower time . Now have you changed your nutrients in stages , removing the grow and bud gradually as you add mass ? You should be feeding bud and mass at the same time until the last two weeks of bloom when you use mass only . 1 ml for every 1 gallon in a 3-5 gallon pot size , not sure of measurements in hydro , but have grown several monster plants in soil with ILGM nutrients , which is by far some great stuff by far one of the best and very simple . Here is an example of transition , 2.5 ml of grow , than .5 ml of grow , than 1.0ml of grow , now flowering , 1.0ml of grow first week of flower but adding 2.5 ml of bud , than second week 7.5 ml of grow and .5 ml of bud , than third week .5 ml of grow and .5ml of bud , now first week of full bloom , 7.5 ml of bud and 2.5 ml of grow , than second week of bloom , 1.0 ml of bud and no grow , than fourth week of bloom 1.0 ml of bud and add 2.5 ml of mass , than fifth week 1.0 ml of bud and .5 ml of mass , than six week 7.5 ml of bud and 7.5 ml of mass , than seventh week .5 ml of bud and 1.0 ml of mass , eight week 2.5 ml of bud and 1.0 ml of mass , ninth week 1.0 ml of mass only than start flushing . Does this make sense ? Now for the leaves that are yellow in flower remove them so they don’t consume nutrients , but don’t get cut happy , a few at a time each week , are you can do a full flush and start nutrients where you last feeding was supposed to be , and ph your water and ppm your nutrients at about 1450 -1500 max and you should be fine , I hope this helps .