Feeding outdoor autos


what is a good feeding/water regime for auto flowers outdoors and how do I know when it’s about to transition into bloom ?


@Julian-do2 I feed Mine at least two times a week full strength nutrients


Hogmaster would know outdoor feeding better than I. And you’ll know an auto is flowering when it starts developing pistils on the flower sites.


Autos will start prebloom 30-45 days from dropping seed (all mine ataryed 30 days from seed). You will notice tiny white hairs, that is pre-bloom. Wait about a week after you see your first white hairs then feed at 1/4 strenght.


I’m not sure why people always are saying use quarter strength nutrients and then ask what the color on the leaf is nine times out of 10 it’s because it’s lack of nutrients and another issue is people not using pH meters outside is a totally different ballgame then from inside


I used PH meter with grow bags, this next grow will be in the ground but I am building my soil, I know exactly what’s in it but not being able to pull a runoff test is going to be interesting. I recommend 1/4-1/2 strenght because it is easier to add more than to remove. Especially with autos since they don’t have they recovery time bestowed upon photos.