Feeding nutrients to marijuana plants

A question from a fellow grower:

How long after I put the the plants into pots do I start giving them nutrients?
After I start giving them nutrients do I give it to them every time that I water them?

When I transplant into larger pots I give them 1/4 tsp of Super Thrive or Root Stimulator to 1 gal of water. Then just water. If you are using good soil with nutrient you don’t have to add any more if you do you could wind up with nutrient burn wait till they really grab hold and then use only half strength for awhile and gradually add more over time.
It works for me I hope it does for you to.


hey bro’s question should i be feeding a root enhancer to my seedlings i’m using Doctor earth organic blend enriched with bat guano. Do I need a root enhancer with this type of soil? I am having trouble with my germinated seeds sprouting.

You should not feed seedlings until they have established a root zone. This is evident by seeing 4-5 alternating nodes of leaves. Nothing wrong with a drop of Superthrive, but I use Liquid Karma at this stage.

Feeding schedule: Drench with PH’d Nutrient solution. Let pot almost completely dry out, then use PH’d water. Alternate like this for happy plants. :slight_smile:

Someone mentioned a root enhancer with Bat guano. Probably too hot for seedlings. Use at your own risk.