Feeding nutrients and overwatering

Is it alright if i have my plants in the smart pots their about 3-4 weeks old to saturate till water runs in tray at bottom and let them soak up the nuts from tray? Also i just got rid of gnats will this cause them to come back?

Im no expert but have read that moist soil will cause gnats and you should be fine with them in the smart pots

You should always water till you get run off, about 20 percent run off. Then test the ph of run off. And you can use food grade de for the nats

your water too much - once water stops running from the bottom and the soil is dry to touch and dry up-to your 3rd knuckle - water - size of pot? but not to the point of comming out of the bottom of pot – water every other day - the plant will tell you when !!! Also feed nutrients about 2-3 x’s a week Example of water/feeding schedule: Feed/water/dry/feed/water/feed/dry One need dry times to prevent root rot, inscets,ect

Thanks the gnats caused larvae in the plants i noticed when transplanting. I used peroxide and water before replanting and put sand around the top of soil.