Feeding my babies

I have all the nutes I need but I’m having issues. simply put should I keep separate batches of nutes already mixed i.e. ( 1 gallon of veg formula, 1 gallon of seedling formula, 1 gallon of bloom formula)? or do I use all of the premixed at the time of feeding?

It would help if we knew what nutrient line you were using, I’m not fully understanding the question.

No you shouldn’t mix ahead of time because the ph alters over times

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I’m using technaflora recipe for success. I’m growing a huge number of plants and sometimes I don’t need to use a whole gallon water i.e. watering my 6 seedlings don’t need a gallon of water to do this.

also, what do I do if the PPM is to high

What you don’t use you should discard. Supplements are shipped in separate containers and mixed at time of use. Use feed chart to determine ratios.

Add water.

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thanks. all the ratio are for a gallon of water. I’m great at halving but I’ll work something out.

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