Feeding for flowering...?

I never really used nutes since I had lockout issue. They are on day 1 full flower. Been using 5 ml calmag 1/2 dose big bloomz open sesame 1/2 dose and 1 tbsp molasses per gallon. They currently get 1 1/2 gallons each every other day. What is PK…?? Should I be using other supplemants also…???

Big bloom doesn’t have much in it and won’t get the plant through flower by itself. Open sesame is just a supplement that is discontinued after a few weeks into flower. Grab some tiger bloom to get you through flower. Here is their feed chart.


Great info posted above!

Most don’t need every little additive the manufacturers make, but having the base nutrients on hand is a good idea.

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I have 2 of everything…lol bought first dirty dozen and 3 missing got second and forgot to return other one.