Feeding charts (ppm)

Newbie here…

I was recently introduced to the wonderful world of growing canabus. I was told to use a feeding chart based on ml/gallon, however, I wasn’t told anything about the ppm. My question is this; when going off of ml/gal, are the ppm’ taken into account as well?

Any insight, would be greatly appreciated!

What are you using. I put up some charts I think it said ppm too
Fox farm has best feeding chart I’ve seen has ppm ec and some other things.

I’m using the the flora line (flora micro, flora gro, flora bloom)

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Hope that helps couldn’t read on phone

That’s the info I have. It gives how many ml to use and also the ppm. Do you add the ppm together when adding more than 1 nutrient?

I don’t usually check mine. you mix all you’re gonna put into water than check ppm. I’ve been using dynagrow at a lesser strength with my auto ak in soil. 2ml each per gallon of water Protekt. Magpro and bloom. And a smidge of beastie bloomz. Yeah I think I’ll check ppm later

Cool bro, thanks for all your help!

Mine says 167 ppm seems low for what’s in there 3 things.
Edit. 440 oops

@Aquaponic_Dumme have you ever heard of kleanse? It is a flush liquid. Guy at “indoor gardening” :joy: Store gave me a jug when I bought some other stuff. Not sure if it’s a soil thing or hydro. Only have one jug so was going to save for end flushing before chopping.

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Klease flushing solution is just another solution for flush in out your soil/medium of salt buildup, if you’ve over fed. Using pH’ed water will do the same thing. I’ve never used it.

I highly recommend only feeding what the plant requires, and no flush or buildup will occur.

Go team “no flush required”, lol.

Cheers :slight_smile:


I’ve only flushed with water but usually don’t flush
Agreed it seems a lot easier to not have to fix than to figure out how to fix nute burn.
I guess that’s why he gave it to me free couldn’t get rid of it. Thanks

Who knows maybe I’ll need it with this beastie bloomz I’ve added to my schedule

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