Feeding both plants the same but 1 is different

So 2 plants week 3 into flower. Gave both same food same day and now 1 plant is showing bad signs.
How do I repair the sick one?
Left plant is pink lemonade and right is gods green crack

Growing soil is hp pro mix
Using general hydroponics 4mil brown 3mil green 5mil pink tried 1mil / gallon calnesium

Thanks for all help and suggestions
Also Happy new year to everyone

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@Freeman44 hy and welcome to the community and happy new year

From what I read they need more food I give my scheduled from the same nutrients

In flowering stage
10 ml of micro
And 15 of bloom
Not add flora grown in flowering they don’t need a lot probably 5 ml but I don’t used on flowering stage

If you want you can flush you plants and went she feel better you should started feed her that amount

Question they auto or photos?

Nice work little small but congratulations you make a nice job on you girls

I don’t used HP pro mix but what is you pH level?

Those pots are 5gl? They had runoff?


This is my nutrients

Hello and thanks and yes 5 gallon pots. I do get run off. And yep they are small I was not very nice to girls at an early age my bad. So do I need to flush her and feed half strength or flush and let her dry out. I’ve read that I need to do 15 gallons to flush? Also read that with pro mix no need to adjust ph but my tap water is 9.7 with 120ppm
I did notice when I add ph reducer the ph 5.8 and 425ppm? Ph reducer is a granular I use for the hot tub.is that bad?

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@Freeman44 pH at 5.8 to 6.5 is perfect to soil and I you should check on you runoff you pH cuz is to high

And yes flush you plant with water and let dry them feed 1/2 doze and them feed her full in you next watering

I do one feed time and one pH water
You can do two feed time and one pH water

I learning to I’m on my 3 growing
I’m in 2 gl pots cuz my space is small and look my girls

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The dirt ph and the water ph has to be within .5 of each other to help prevent lock outs , slurry test your dirt each week before feeding , due to many don’t run consistent ph or ppm and it can rise or go lower in time if you a water -water-feed style grower , you don’t have enough light intensity to make the plants eat the amount of ppm you feeding and if you’re water ph and dirt ph is not balanced , you’ll have headaches, could be to much calmag or magnesium and with in consistent ph the plant is not absorbing the nutrients it needs for the stage of growth it’s in , everything starts in the rootzone . Gotta get ph dial in and ppm consistent and learn the N.P.K in the Lucas Formula and you’ll do better !

So I flushed my plant today. On first 5 gallon ph was 6.3 ppm 385
Slurry (water runoff from bucket is ph 7.12 and ppm is 685
Does this mean my soil ph was too high and does that cause the problem I see?

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2nd flush with 6.2 ph now runoff is 7.97. Ppm 425 . Shouldn’t the ph be going down?

Ph is to high ppm is good :+1:!

Thanks. So should I flush with ph around 5 or keep 6. Range till runoff is 6.range?

7.97 is you ph reading :books:, 5.7 should be your water ph number to balance out in the soil ?
I subtract 2.7 from the whole number to adjust the ph in the water :droplet:, does that makes sense :thinking:? Now once you pour that , wait about 8 to 10 hours and check the dirt again , the deep the soil test the better ? And if it’s not there yet , keep gradually adjusting it each watering , cause the roots will adapt as they grow as long as your ph numbers is not lower than 5.5 or higher than 7.2 , past those ranges in organic soil is when problems start , so your job is to find that sweet spot in the dirt and in the water :droplet:, make it match as best you could to allow your plants a fighting chance? Hope I explain this correctly, I be high and typing like I’m dyslexic lmao :rofl: :joy: :laughing: :sweat_smile: :skull: :crazy_face:!

It took 5 flushes to get them balanced. Thanks for the help and yes totally got the ph formula so next time I should not have this issue…
again thanks a lot and may your yields be bountiful

I mix my nutrients Cal Mag first then micro then grow and then bloom… could the Cal Mag be getting locked out if you’re mixing it last ?

The ph is what’ locks out nutrients , 5.8 -6.0 seedling :seedling: to vegging , flip to 12/12 go up to 6.1 - 6.2 , pre-flower starts , each feeding from 6.2 after 21 days on 12/12 raise the ph by one tenth each feeding , start at 6.2 , go up to 6.3 and each week feeding go up 1 to 6.5 should be week 6 , from week 6 go back down 1 to 6.2 and you should not have any locks out in your rootzone !

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Is hydro different or can I still use those numbers

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question ? Can you place this meter in soil to read the soil ph?

Well I think I solved my issues after noticing that my clones were developing lockout. They started canoeing or tacoing. So now I won’t use hot tub reducer cause it was dropping my ph but ppm were out of control like 5.57 ph and ppm 2235.
Read lemon juice to drop my tap water from 9.9 ph ppm 123 and after lemon juice 6.8 ph ppm 167

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