Feeding Babies


Hi Robert!,

  Well - 9 of the ten Bluebery Autos are up.  I knew from experience that the light gray one wasn't mature enough, but no worries at all.  I used to grow mainly Sativias, and those seeds looked so tiny to me!  To my question -
  What are you recommendations for the following conditions.  I read several places that the B. Auto's don't like to be transplanted, so I started them in thier 5 gallon re-useable shoping bags.  (I ALWAYS used plastic when I was growing commercially, but I wanted to try the 'air pruning' idea.)  I am in the desert in Southern New Mexico, where the humity is always around 10%.  I'm using un-ammended soil-less mix.  What are your recommemdations for fert.?  
  What is really cool about being here, and using the breathable bags, is that over watering is next to impossible.  And flushing before harvest will be a breeze as well.  I just remebered today how fond I was of Super Thrive back in the day, and have ordered sdome.  Now - in the past, growing commercially, I went through a couple of years iof trying every organic fert. I could find.  It was incredibly smelly, and I got just as good a result using regular old Miracle Grow fert. for veg, flushing, and using (I think it was thier Tomato mix) a flowering mix to finish.  Please, please - any beginner's who are reading this.  If you use M.G., start off using perhaps 15-20% of the concentraton on the package for potted plants!!  M.G. is strong stuff.  It will seem like a ridiculously small amount (it won't even color the gallon jug of water), but take the word of a 'Senior Citizen' who have killed a lot of babies with too much fert. 
 So - I would use a like amount of Super Thrive (very little) and the M.G.  What are your recomendatons, Honored Master?  ;-)  Thanks!!


Superthrive - 1/4 tsp. per gallon a drop or 2 for a qt.or liter spray bottle.

We answered this on your 2nd post. These 2 threads you made should be merged into one. Peace


Thanks, 'wood! I’m old, and I get confused… :wink:


BTW - I had told Claire that I thought that one of my seeds, which was light grey with no visable striping, would be too immature to germinate (which I knew because I’ve been growing since Micheal Jackson was 36" tall). Well, that little girl made me look silly because she came up approx. 48 hours after the other 9. So 100% germination. Which speaks to a quality product. I’ll be getting all my seeds right here. THE MOST important prerequisite to successfully growing bud is good genecics. Good, fresh gentics.