Feeding Autoflowers Organically

Hello guys! Thanks for having in this amazing forum. I am a newbie grower and would like to have some advices.

I am planning to grow autoflowers outdoor and organically in a country in the middle east that does not have any specific fertilizers for cannabis or other advanced suplements. After weeks of researches and readings I am aiming to follow the following schedule;

Starting: August (Average temp 30 deg C, Avg Humidity 80%)
Flowering: September (Average temp 27 deg C, Avg Humidity 65 - 70%)
Harvesting mid of October (Average temp 25 deg C, Avg Humidity 55%)

Pot size: 5 Gallons Plastic Pot

⅓ Peat Moss, ⅓ Compost, ⅓ Perlite, 4 tbsp of Chicken manure powder 4-4-4

Plain water for the first month + Compost tea once;
Top dressing 4 tbsp of Chicken manure in early flowering stage + Banana tea 3 times till harvesting;

  1. Do you think that the starting medium is too hot for them?
  2. Will I get a descent result and yield?

Any advices and suggestions are welcome. Thank you in advance. Cheers!!! :v:

Welcome to the community. :+1:


That does sound like a bit much. Could u get a slurry test of ur soil?

Get some distilled water. And soil. Mix it up n let sit for a day. Check ph and ppms of your medium before you plant.

If not, getting some simple topsoil and perlite, and starting out in a solo cup maybe ur best bet.

I started (and still am) very simple and as organic as my budget allowed. Alaska Fish ferts is available mostly everywhere and works just fine.

You may have to supplement a few other non NPK nutes such as calmag (definitely) sulphur, n a couple other micronutes. But it gets the job done.

Welcome to ILGM and happy growing


Thank you!!

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Thank you!

Well I have a PH meter but I can’t get an AC/PPM meter or Alaska Fish ferts since I live in an unstable country and we do not have supplies :man_shrugging:

I am not aiming to transplant them but I can make a layer of topsoil and perlite in the 5 Gal pot for seedlings.

I will post the etiquette of the mix of Chicken manure that I have, I am in doubt about the quantity that I would use

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Precisely I will put 1 tbsp of the first pic 3.4 1.4 4.6 and 3 tbsp of the second pic 3 2.5 2 in order to obtain a result of 3.1 2.2 2.6 plus the user nutes present in both as Cal-Mag, Sulfur etc…

Is it too much for veg?

Honestly? Sounds like a great plan! Make sure ur ph is in proper range (6.3-6.8) and let em at it! Diggin the plan so far


@PurpNGold74 Thank you for your support!!